Why Is My Service 4wd Light On? new for 2022

Why Is My Service 4wd Light On?

The “Service 4WD System” message indicates a problem with the 4WD system that should be properly diagnosed and repaired. When the ignition key is turned from OFF-RUN-START and is released back to the RUN position after the vehicle starts, the 4WD warning light should go on for 1 to 2 seconds and then go out.

What does 4 wheel drive service mean?

Vehicles that have four wheel drive systems tend to have a separate light to indicate an issue with the system. Usually labeled “Service 4WD”, when this light comes on, a code will be stored in the computer’s memory to help identify any issues. Depending on the problem, the four wheel drive may be disabled temporarily.

How do you reset the service light on a 4 wheel drive?

What does 4×4 warning light mean?

The four wheel drive light means your car has activated four wheel drive. If the Service 4WD light is on, there may be an issue with the system. by Spencer Cates on. September 09, 2016.

How do I get my 4 wheel drive off?

How to Disengage a Stuck Four-Wheel Drive Line
  1. Check to see if you have manual hubs and that they are in “free” mode.
  2. Put your vehicle into four-wheel high mode.
  3. Drive forward for about a quarter of a mile.
  4. Stop the vehicle and shift from four-wheel to two-wheel drive.
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Is it OK to drive with service 4WD light on?

The 4WD switch light will indicate 2WD or Auto when drive engaged. … Cause: If the light stays on, or the “Service 4WD System” message is displayed, there is a problem with the 4WD system. The “Service 4WD System” message does not mean routine maintenance of the 4WD system is required.

What does a 4×4 service include?

Four-wheel drive vehicles demand rugged performance from their transmissions, especially when used for off-road driving or towing. … Our 4×4 services include: Draining and refilling the Transfer Case with fresh, clean fluid. Draining and refilling the Front Differential with fresh, clean fluid.

How often should you service 4 wheel drive?

In some cases, no more than 30-36,000 miles. And in some cases it may be as frequently as every 15,000 miles. Also look for any kinds of leaks when you’re under it.

How do I know if my 4WD actuator is bad?

You will know your 4WD actuator is bad when the 4WD (either 4H or 4L) becomes difficult to engage, gets stuck, or fails to activate. Any of these symptoms means that your actuator is faulty and it should be checked immediately.

What does service 4WD mean Dodge Ram?

When the Service 4WD light comes on, it also shuts down the 4WD capability for the remainder of the drive cycle. This is a software issue and can only be corrected by flashing the computer’s memory.

What causes 4×4 not to engage?

An electrical fault such as a corroded wire or faulty 4WD dial/switch, A component failure such as a faulty transfer case module or actuator. A seized differential caused by poor lubrication. A leak in the vacuum hoses (older traditional 4WD systems)

Is it bad to drive in 4WD all the time?

The short answer is: Yes, it can be safe to drive in 4WD on the highway as long as you’re going very slowly and so does the rest of the traffic around you. In other words, only during severe road conditions that require you to.

Should you use 4WD in rain?

Does 4 wheel drive help in the rain? Yes, 4 wheel drive offers improved traction and handling in slippery driving conditions such as mud, ice, snow, and rainy weather. Since all 4 wheels are moving the 4wd forward, the vehicle will feel more sure-footed and stable on slippery slick, and greasy surfaces.

How do you service a 4 wheel drive?

4×4 Maintenance Tips
  1. Oil Changes. Any type of car ownership requires regular oil changes, but this recurring auto service is even more important if you off-road with a 4×4 vehicle. …
  2. Keep Your Tires Rotated And Balanced. …
  3. Maintain Alignment. …
  4. Check Fluid Levels. …
  5. Change Your Air Filter. …
  6. Know Your Vehicle. …
  7. Regular Inspections.

How do I reset my transfer case control module?

Cheap way – To clear the codes and reset the computer, pull the 5 amp TCCM fuse, located at the bottom of the fuse box. Wait at least a half hour, and then replace the fuse. Turn the ignition key to run, wait for the 4×4 lights to blink, and then turn off. Repeat 5 times, and then start the truck.

How much does a differential service cost?

When changing the differential fluid, the overall differential fluid change cost averages between $80-$150 for the rear and $70 to $130 for the front change, coming in at a total price of between $150-$280 for the differential fluid change cost.

Is 4X4 service necessary?


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If you drive a vehicle with four-wheel drive, you know that you put it through a lot. Vehicles with 4×4 go off-road onto rough terrain and tow big loads-they need regular maintenance to make sure they can keep doing their work as efficiently as possible.

What is all wheel drive service?

All-wheel drive (AWD) systems provide power to all four wheels, rather than only to the front or back ones. When driving, a majority of these systems have either a front or rear base, which means the power is focused there unless the vehicle begins to slip.

What are the symptoms of a bad transfer case?

What are the Symptoms of a Bad Transfer Case?
  • Shifting Issues. …
  • Hard to stay in 4WD? …
  • 4WD Won’t Engage or Disengage. …
  • Fluid Puddle Under the Transfer Case’s Location. …
  • Strange Grinding, Growling or Humming Noises. …
  • Possible Causes of a Bad Transfer Case. …
  • So why S&G?

Does 4-wheel drive require more maintenance?

4-wheel drives need more maintenance because of the extra parts and the chassis can take a beating over time due to neglect or hard driving. If you are buying a used 4-wheel drive, let our technicians check it for cracks where the chassis outriggers join the main frame or rust, which indicates rough use.

Are 4WD more expensive to service?

Four-Wheel Drive Disadvantages

The main disadvantage of 4WD is added cost for purchase, maintenance, and fuel. The extra equipment (differentials, transfer case, etc.) adds complexity and weight to the vehicle, increasing initial market value, tire wear, and the cost of repairs and maintenance.

What happens when an actuator goes bad?

If your blend door actuator has gone bad in some way, it’s basically one of two problems. … If that happens, the blend door won’t work, and it’s likely your temperature will just be stuck on one setting with no ability to adjust the intensity up and down, or alternate between things like the lower vents or the defroster.

How do you reset the ESP BAS light on a Dodge Ram?

To reset a ESP BAS light, all you need to do is turn your car’s steering wheel to the right two times, turn it the left two times, and then return it back to the center so that your tires are facing forward.

How do you test if your 4WD is working?

How to Test: If you want to test your 4-wheel drive, then put your car into 4-wheel drive and then turn the front wheels, left and right, while driving in a tight circle at a very low speed. You should feel them bind up if 4wd is working.

Can you switch out of 4WD while driving?

With a modern 4WD, you can safely switch from 4Lo to 4Hi while driving, however, you will always need to stop before engaging 4Lo from 4Hi. Similar to sand, you want to drive in 4H since it offers you stability and you can build momentum as you track through the soft boggy mud.

How do you test a 4×4 solenoid?

Can 4WD ruin transmission?

Driving in 4Hi on Dry Pavement

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So what happens when this phenomenon occurs to your 4WD? Drivetrain binding can result in all sorts of expensive damage from damage to u-joints, yoke failure, driveshaft twisting, and transmission torque build-up causing major damage to the internal gears.

How fast can you go on 4×4 high?

It is not recommended to drive faster than 55MPH in 4WD high on low traction surfaces. 4WD should only be engaged when road surface traction is low. Driving in 4WD-Lo should not exceed 10mph.

Does 4WD affect gas mileage?

Vehicles equipped with AWD or 4WD generally suffer a fuel economy penalty due to the extra weight and mechanical resistance of the equipment needed to turn all four wheels. In some cases, the reduction in gas mileage is small but can add up over time.

Can you reverse in 4×4?

You can reverse in 4-wheel drive without risk provided you are driving on a low-traction surface. Driving forward while in 4WD is the same as reversing and the functionality inside the transmission and Transfer Case works the same in reverse.

When should I engage 4 wheel drive?

Because the front and rear axles need to spin at different speeds on the road, you should activate 4WD only when your tires leave the pavement. That might be turning onto a dirt road or entering consistently snowy conditions, where the road surface is completely covered.

Does 4 wheel drive help hydroplaning?

4 wheel drive assists the driver to control the vehicle in a hydroplaning situation since all four wheels have traction. With a 4WD vehicle more power will be sent to the slipping wheels when traction is lost.

How often should a transfer case be serviced?

every 30,000 miles
When these parts become impaired, the gears inside can lock up (not good), causing the wheels to seize up (really not good). You should have your differential and transfer case fluid checked every 30,000 miles, or when you experience any of the symptoms below.

How often should you change all-wheel drive fluid?

4-Wheel and All-Wheel Drive vehicles should have their transfer case fluid replaced every 30,000 miles to keep the small gears and moving parts lubricated and working properly.

What fuse is the transfer case control module?

The standard 30 AMP fuse that supplies power to the gear motor and shift control module.

Serv 4WD Cheap Fix Transfer Case Tip

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