Who Does Joey Logano Drive For? new for 2022


Who Does Joey Logano Drive For?

Joey Logano is the 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion and the driver of the No. 22 Team Penske Ford.

Who are Joey Logano’s teammates?

Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski have worked together as teammates at Penske Racing since 2013. The two drivers have amassed an impressive 59 NASCAR Cup Series wins with the iconic race team.

What cars has Joey Logano driven?

Statistics current as of April 11, 2021. Joseph Thomas Logano (born May 24, 1990), nicknamed “Sliced Bread”, is an American professional stock car racing driver. He competes full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series, driving the No. 22 Ford Mustang GT for Team Penske.

Who is Joey Logano driving for next year?

Getty Joey Logano prepares for qualifying at Nashville Superspeedway. Team Penske’s Joey Logano will enter the 2022 season with Austin Cindric as a new teammate. The 2018 NASCAR Cup Series champion is preparing for the change by making a simple request from the new driver of the No. 2 Ford Mustang.

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What car is Joey Logano racing today?

Currently, he drives the No. 22 Ford full-time in the NASCAR Cup Series and the No. 22 Ford Mustang in the Xfinity Series for Team Penske.

What happened between Joey Logano and Brad Keselowski?

Joey Logano, Brad Keselowski reflect on ‘heartbreaker’ crash that cost both a Daytona 500 win. … But an aggressive move from Keselowski in the No. 2 position — he tried to pass Logano on the inside, but caused the both to spin out — caused a massive fiery crash that cost both a win in the 2021 NASCAR season opener.

What happened to Joey Logano the race car driver?

Logano’s crash was triggered when Stenhouse made contact with Hamlin that sent Hamlin’s car into the left rear of Logano’s car. That contact turned Logano’s car. As it went down the banking, it was hit by Stenhouse’s car and air lifted Logano’s car. Bubba Wallace’s car clipped Logano’s car as it was upside down.

What actually killed Earnhardt?

February 18, 2001

Is Joey Logano on lab rats?

In “The Bionic 500”, Davenport (Hal Sparks) and his obnoxious new neighbor agree to settle their differences with a stock car race but the Lab Rats are forced to get in on the action when they learn that his neighbor has enlisted NASCAR pro Joey Logano as his ringer.

What is NASCAR driver Joey Logano net worth?

Joey Logano Net Worth: Joey Logano is an American stock car racing driver who has a net worth of $44 million.

Joey Logano Net Worth.
Net Worth: $24 Million
Date of Birth: May 24, 1990 (31 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 6 ft (1.85 m)
Profession: Race car driver

Is Joey Logano staying with Penske?

Joey Logano makes major announcement

Last week, he remained quiet when his teammate made headlines with the announcement of his departure from Penske for Roush Fenway. … Logano and his wife, Brittany, made the announcement on YouTube Tuesday in what initially appeared to be serious news.

What team is Logano on?

Ford Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series racing manufacturer team

How much does Joey Logano make a year?

Driver Salaries 2021:
Driver Salary
Kevin Harvick $10,900,000 3 year
Martin Truex Jr. $10,400,000 3 year
Brad Keselowski $9,400,000 1 year
Joey Logano $9,000,000 5 year

How tall is Joey Logano?

1.85 m

How much is Hendrick worth?

RICK HENDRICK • Net Worth $1 Billion • House • Yacht • Private Jet • Hendrick Motorsports
Name: Rick Hendrick
Net Worth: $ 1 billion
Source of Wealth: Hendrick Automotive, Hendrick Motorsports
Born: July 12, 1949
Country: USA

What is the Joey Logano foundation?

The Joey Logano Foundation invests in organizations offering second chances to children and young adults during times of crisis and works to inspire others to live a life of generosity. … Our Objectives We will use the public platform of motorsports to raise awareness for children and young adults in crisis.

Did McDowell push Keselowski?

In the final lap of the Daytona 500, two former NASCAR Cup champions were leading the race. Brad Keselowski was on the tail of Penske teammate Joey Logano, and McDowell was pushing Keselowski with a line of cars behind them riding the top lane at Daytona International Speedway. … He led just half a lap in the whole race.

What did Brad Keselowski say after race?

He stooped to using an offensive slur referring to disabled people instead. “It’s frickin’ r——-, man, so stupid,” Busch said. “I don’t understand these guys. I should beat the (expletive) out of (Keselowski) right now, is what I should do, but that doesn’t do me any good either.”

Who caused last lap crash at Daytona 2021?

Ryan Blaney won his third race of 2021 at Daytona on Saturday night as a massive crash happened behind him. Blaney took the lead on a two-lap restart to end the race and had a big lead over Kevin Harvick when Harvick got turned by Daniel Suarez to trigger a huge crash on the backstretch on the final lap.

Why does Joey Logano wear glasses when he races?

“They help me see far away, which I think is a good thing when you are driving a race car. Being able to see little things like debris on the track or your sign on pit road. That seemed to help me last week.”

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Why did Joey Logano leave JGR?

The simple answer is that he left JGR for a new ride at Team Penske—but like most things in racing, it’s more complicated than that. But it’s still not that difficult to figure out. It’s mostly about that elusive factor in sports called chemistry. Logano possessed the driving talent all along.

Is Joey Logano going bald?

After seeing a doctor and undergoing tests, Logano learned the reason for his spotty hair loss: Alopecia Areata, a common autoimmune disease that attacks a person’s hair follicles. Logano’s health is not at risk and he is fine physically, he said; it’s just that his hair is falling out in some areas.

Was Earnhardt killed instantly?

Earnhardt died instantly of head injuries, said Steve Bohannon, a doctor at Halifax Medical Center. “There was nothing that could have been done for him,” he said. The death comes at a time that driver safety issues were under increased scrutiny.

How did Schrader know Earnhardt was dead?

Unlike his fellow competitors, who didn’t learn Earnhardt was dead until well after the accident on the final lap of the Daytona 500, Schrader knew how bad it was the moment he poked his head into the battered No. 3 car and saw his lifeless body.

Who is the best NASCAR driver of all time?

NASCAR Power Rankings of Cup drivers of all time
  • Jimmie Johnson — As time passes, his accomplishments will be further revered. …
  • Richard Petty — He went from seven-time champion to cultural icon. …
  • Dale Earnhardt — The seven-time champion was particularly dominant from 1986-91.
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How old is Joey Logano?

31 years (May 24, 1990)

Who was the race car driver that was in lab rats?

Joey Thomas Logano
Portrayed By. Joey Thomas Logano is known to be the youngest NASCAR driver to win on the pro circuit. He started racing since he was six. He raced for Pierce Harrington in the episode, The Bionic 500.

Who plays Joey in lab rats?

Billy Unger
Other names William Brent
Occupation Actor
Years active 2007–2016
Known for Lab Rats (2012–2016) Lab Rats: Elite Force (2016)

Who is the richest Nascar driver?

Forbes Names Dale Earnhardt Jr. the Highest-Paid Driver in NASCAR
  • Tony Stewart—$18.7 million.
  • Jeff Gordon—$18.1 million.
  • Carl Edwards—$13.7 million.
  • Kevin Harvick—$13 million.
  • Danica Patrick—$12.9 million.
  • Kyle Busch—$12.5 million.
  • Kasey Kahne—$12 million.
  • Brad Keselowski—$11.4 million.

How rich is Danica Patrick?

As of 2021, Danica Patrick’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. Danica Sue Patrick is an American former professional racing driver from Beloit. She is the most successful woman in the history of American open-wheel racing.
Net Worth: $80 Million
Source of Wealth: Professional Racing Driver
Last Updated: 2021

Who is the shortest Nascar driver?

Danica Patrick

She is definitely the shortest driver in the Sprint Cup. Danica Patrick is just 5’2″.

Why is Joey Logano called sliced bread?

Logano came into NASCAR with high expectations. Randy Lajoie gave him the nickname “Sliced Bread,” because Lajoie thought Logano would be one of the best drivers to ever drive a stock car. … Logano was given the opportunity to drive full time in the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series in 2009.

Does Joey Logano have a child?

Hudson Joseph Logano

Who is Joey Logano married to?

Brittany Baca

Who does Chase Elliott Drive for?

Hendrick Motorsports
Chase Elliott drives the No. 9 Chevrolet for Hendrick Motorsports, the same car number his father, Bill Elliott, carried for much of his career that culminated with him being inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame.

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