Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield? new for 2022

Drivers need to know where the AS1 line is on their windshield in order to place their license plate in the correct spot.

Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?
Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?


The AS1 line is important for drivers to know because it marks the spot where their license plate should be placed. If their license plate is not in this spot, they may get a ticket.

We provide an easy-to-use guide that helps drivers find Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield? quickly and easily.


Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?

Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?
Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?

The AS1 tag is most typically located near the bottom edge of your automobile’s windshield, where the glass meets the car. If the identification is not at the bottom, it may be written in the top corner on certain vehicles.

If there is no evidence of an AS1 marking on your car’s windscreen, you should contact the manufacturer and speak directly with them. There are particular specifications for each state that will define how low you may reach (from the top of the windshield) to apply tinting film. However, all U.S. states allow you to apply a strip of tint film at the top of your windshield that is several inches deep and can run all the way across the windshield but

cannot cover the entire windshield.

What is AS1 Line?

What is AS1 Line?
What is AS1 Line?

These marks are often in tiny letters or numerals, although they may also be in bigger characters or numbers. AS1 lines are parallel to the top of your vehicle’s windshield, or five inches below and parallel to the top of your windshield.

The marking was designed to identify the clearest kind of glass used on windshields, and the line was designed to indicate the maximum amount of tint that may be put on the front window.

Can you tint beyond the AS1 line?

Can you tint beyond the AS1 line?
Can you tint beyond the AS1 line?
While the amount of darkness you may tint your windshield varies by state, no tinting may be put below the AS1 line. Almost every state in the United States has restrictions controlling how much visible light your 
windshield tint may allow, and others don’t allow any tint on the front windshield at all. 
You should research your state’s window tinting rules to ensure that you are not breaking any laws.

What is the AS 1 portion of the windshield?

What is the AS 1 portion of the windshield?
What is the AS 1 portion of the windshield?

The AS 1 portion of the windshield is the area that is closest to the driver. It is typically about 30 inches wide and extends from the top of the windshield down to the bottom edge. This area is important because it provides the driver with an unobstructed view of the road ahead. In some cases, it may also include features such as a sun visor or a rear-view mirror.

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How far down is the AS1 line?

How far down is the AS1 line?
How far down is the AS1 line?

The AS1 line is located approximately three inches down from the top of the windshield. It’s on the right side if you’re sitting in the vehicle.

What is window tint laws in states?

What is window tint laws in states?
What is window tint laws in states?

Most states allow darker tinting on your windshield as long as they are over the AS1 line. The AS1 line is irrelevant in a handful of states. Although the tint may only reach 4 to 6 inches from the top of the windshield, it may frequently be as dark as you like.

In some states, it’s illegal to have any type or darkness of tint on your windshield. Others only allow it if you have a medical exemption.

Only two states, Ohio and North Dakota, allow you to tint the whole windshield, but it must be 70% or less. If your automobile was initially sold in one of these states, have the light transmission of the windshield examined before choosing tint. It might have arrived from the manufacturer or a  dealership with tinted glass or the darkest allowable aftermarket tint.

What is visible light transmittance (VLT) and compounding tint?


The amount of light that passes through the window from the outside to the inside of the car is measured in Visible Light Transmittance. A normal light tint lets in 70% of the light. A medium tint is around 20, while a super dark “limo tint” barely lets about 5% of light through. Legally required required VLT ratings vary by state, with the toughest jurisdictions mandating that 70% of the light pass through the glass.

When selecting a legally appropriate tint, keep in mind that most current automobiles come with factory tinted or dyed glass. This factory tint reacts with whatever tint you apply on top. If your car has an 80 percent VLT tinted windshield and you add a 20 percent tint on top, you end up with a final VLT rating of 16 percent.

FAQs Where Is The As1 Line On A Windshield?

What are the letter on the windshield mean?

The AS number stands for American Standard, and is “AS” (or “American Standard”) followed by a number indicating the position in which the glass may be used, based on its optical quality. … There are higher numbers used for other purposes, but are not normally encountered in cars.

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What is the line on my windshield?

The area above the rear-view mirror, also known as the visor strip for most automobiles, is referred to as the top of the sun visor. The logo was created to distinguish the most transparent type of glass used on windshields and to indicate the maximum tint level that may be achieved.

Which side is the liner side on window tint?

The liner side of the window tint is typically the dull or matte side. This is the side that should be facing the inside of the car, as it will not reflect sunlight and will help to keep the car cooler.

What are the dots on the front windshield for?

Without these dots, holding the glass in place and keeping it from moving around while the car is in motion would be impossible. The glass could become loose and eventually fall out of the frame without them.”

Why is tinting front windshield illegal?

You can only legally tint your windshield in Ohio and North Dakota, but most other states have banned the practice because it can make it harder to see what’s happening on the road. This is dangerous for you and other drivers.

How do I know if my windshield is original?

If you’re trying to figure out whether your windshield is original or not, one way you can tell is by looking at the logo. Usually, an authentic windshield will not have a car logo on it. So if you see a brand-new car with a cracked windshield, and there’s no logo on the glass, chances are it’s not an original.

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Do all windshields have an AS1 line?

State window tint laws

The windshield’s AS1 line doesn’t matter in a number of states when it comes to how dark you can tint your car windows. In only two states, Ohio and North Dakota, is the entire windshield allowed to be 70 percent or lighter.

What does white dot on windshield mean?

At least one firm utilizes tiny, white, rectangular stickers to track which vehicles have already been photographed. These waterproof and water-resistant stickers will most likely stick to the car after many washes.

What features does my windshield have?

Windshields come in a variety of shapes, sizes, tints, and features. These features include: rain sensors; heated windshields; third visors; shade bands; electrochromic mirrors; heads up display (HUD); lane departure warning systems; and solar-powered glass.

What does a blue dot on a windshield mean?

All glass has been meticulously inspected, with a green dot indicating that the body has been examined for problems.


As you can see, the AS1 line on a windshield is not always in the same place. It may be higher or lower depending on the make and model of your car. If you’re having trouble locating it, be sure to take your car into a mechanic for a check-up. They will be able to tell you where the AS1 line should be and can help fix any problems with your windshield. Thanks for reading our post from amortips.com!

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