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Where Are Honda Motorcycles Manufactured?
Where Are Honda Motorcycles Manufactured?


Why are bicycles manufactured in different countries?

Why are bicycles manufactured in different countries?
Why are bicycles manufactured in different countries?

Triumph’s move to foreign production means that the majority of their oh-so-British bikes will actually emerge from Thailand and the hands of a Thai workforce, but this has been happening for a lot of Triumphs in recent years.

According to data from the Office of National Statistics, motorcycle production in the UK has been decreasing for a few years now. This is likely due to the current recession, as motorcycles are typically cheaper and more practical than cars when it comes to commuting. In 2006, nearly 40,000 motorcycles were manufactured in the UK – almost all of them Triumphs.

Triumph Motorcycles took over production of motorcycles in Thailand from a British-owned plant in 2004. The first Thai plant focused on producing components that were sent to the UK for assembly. However, as motorcycle production decreased in the UK, Triumph’s second Thai plant began making complete machines starting in 2006.

Factory 5, Triumph’s largest production facility in Thailand, opened in 2007. This 104,000m2 plant covers an area near the UK factory which is 30,000m2.

The decrease in UK bike manufacturing during the past several years has led to a decrease in the number of bikes produced by all companies. The figure peaked at 30,000 per year in 2006, but decreased to 20,000 by 2009 and then slid below 10,000 by 2017.

The company is headquartered in the United Kingdom, and most of its bikes are designed there. However, some components are manufactured outside of the UK.

There are a number of reasons why it would make sense for businesses to move their headquarters to Thailand. First, staff costs vary hugely from one part of the world to another and in Thailand wages, and the cost of living, are relatively low. Second, Thai companies have a strong reputation for being efficient and effective when it comes to running their businesses.

In addition, there is a large pool of talented employees available in Thailand who are well-educated and speak English fluently. Finally, there is no tax on corporate profits in Thailand which makes relocation an attractive option for many companies

There are many factors that go into where a bike is manufactured, including taxes, shipping costs, and the availability of component suppliers.

One recent example is the trade war between the EU and USA, which has seen tit-for-tat tariffs imposed on a variety of goods. Harley-Davidson was one company that was targeted with import tariffs when brought from the USA to Europe, probably because of its iconic American brand.

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In response, Harley-Davidson decided to move much of its production for European markets out of the USA, notifying investors in 2018 that it would shift around 50% of manufacturing for European markets away from America.

Harley-Davidson plans to shift production of motorcycles for EU destinations from the U.S. to its international facilities in order to avoid the tariff burden. The company anticipates that this ramp-up will require incremental investment, and it could take up to 18 months for it to be completed.

What is the difference between manufacturing and assembly?

What is the difference between manufacturing and assembly?
What is the difference between manufacturing and assembly?

Even if all the components on a bike were manufactured in Italy, it would not be considered Italian.

Bike production lines are typically depicted as a series of stations where motorcycles are assembled from parts. In actuality, the last stage of manufacture involves many parts being cast, extruded, forged or rolled from raw materials and welded together into sub-assemblies or machined into finished components. This process traditionally happens off-site for many bike firms.

Components supplied by other brands – such as Bosch for the electronics, Ohlins, Showa or Sachs for the suspension, Brembo or Nissin for brakes – can create a huge challenge when it comes to ensuring that everything works together seamlessly. Not to mention tyres, clutches, hoses and even nuts and bolts which will all likely be sourced from external manufacturers.

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Manufactured?

Where Are Honda Motorcycles Manufactured?
Where Are Honda Motorcycles Manufactured?

While all bikes are designed and produced by a variety of different companies, their nationality is typically defined by the location of the factory where they were finished.

This is a list of some of the UK’s major Honda Motorcycle Manufacturers and Models, including their country of manufacture. Some models may surprise you.

  • CBR1000RR-R:  Japan
  • CBR650R: Thailand
  • CBR500R: Thailand
  • VFR800: Japan
  • GL1800 Gold Wing: Japan
  • CRF1100L Africa Twin: Japan
  • VFR1200X: Japan
  • CB1100RS/EX: Japan
  • CB1000R: Japan
  • NC750S: Japan
  • CB650R: Thailand
  • CB500F: Thailand
  • CBX500 Rebel: Thailand
  • CB300R: Thailand
  • CB125R: Thailand
  • Super Cub 125: Thailand
  • Monkey: Thailand
  • MSX125 Grom: Thailand
  • CB125F: China
  • Integra: Japan
  • Forza 300: Thailand
  • SH300i: Thailand
  • SH125i: Vietnam
  • PCX: Vietnam
  • Forza 125: Thailand

How do you know where your bike was manufactured?

How do you know where your bike was manufactured?
How do you know where your bike was manufactured?

To determine where a bicycle was made, you can use the bike’s VIN. This number is on the frame or somewhere near it.

VINs follow a similar pattern in both Europe and North America, with certain letters and digits providing vital information if you know how to crack the code. For example, VINs for vehicles sold in Europe use 17 characters while those sold in North America use 18 characters. The two sections to look at are the country of origin (CO) and vehicle type (VT).

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The first three characters of the WMI code identify the manufacturer. This information can sometimes be a clue to where the bike was built, but it is not always proof.

The WMI shows the region of which the computer is located. The letters A-C show Africa, J-R show Asia, S-Z mean Europe, 1-5 mean North America and 6-7 mean Oceania. Within these groups, certain letters and numbers narrow down to specific countries with UK manufacturers having a first letter between ‘S’ and ‘M’ and Triumph having a code of ‘SMT.

Some companies use the WMI to get a good idea of where a bike is manufactured. For example, Ducati Italy uses the code “ZDM,” while those made by Ducati Thailand start with “ML0.”

Though WMIs only identify the manufacturer and companies don’t necessarily build bikes in their own country, Ducati Thailand’s WMI is unique in that it has been set up as a company in its own right.

Triumphs, for instance, will have a WMI (reading ‘SMT’) regardless of where they were built. This can make it harder to establish exactly where the bike was made, particularly on European bikes.

In the United States, VINs (vehicle identification numbers) rule and must always show the plant code for where a bike was made. For instance, Triumphs sold in America will have a ‘J’ for bikes made at Hinckley Motorsports (J stands for Jacknell Road, where the factory is).

If it’s a ‘T’ then the bike is from Thailand, and elsewhere you can also find Triumphs with an ‘M’ (for Manaus in Brazil) or ‘D’ for the assembly plant in Manesar near Delhi in India.

European VINs do not require that a plant code be used, as is required in the USA. However, many firms will use US-compliant VINs regardless, since this all-important 11th digit reveals where the bike was made.

There are dozens of online tools that can decode vehicle identification numbers (VINs). When inputting a VIN, these tools can reveal where the bike was made.

Is it important where my bike was made?

Is it important where my bike was made?
Is it important where my bike was made?

Brands do not lose their national identity when production moves to another country. This is evidenced by other industries, such as motorcycles and cars.

Since the 1980s, Hondas have been built in the UK, and Nissan cars are also manufactured there. However, both brands remain Japanese despite being produced globally.

Other car manufacturers such as Honda and Nissan are also made in other countries around the world, but they are all considered to be Japanese brands.

The BMW brand is internationally recognized for its high-quality, luxury cars. However, the cars are actually manufactured in many different locations around the world.

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Many Harley-Davidson motorcycles are still made in America, but the firm also has plants in India and Thailand. Few Triumph riders will be aware of the percentage of their bikes that came from Hinckley, or where they originated.

However, at the end of the day, acceptance is down to each individual customer. Provided there is no reduction in material or manufacturing quality, customers should not care where their motorcycle was built.[/quote]

While most Harleys are still made in America,[1] Triumph also has plants in India and Thailand. Few riders will be aware of how much of their Triumph bikes come from Hinckley[2], or whether they originate from Thailand[3].

But at the end of the day,[4], acceptance is down to each individual customer[5]. Provided there is no reduction in material or manufacturing quality,[6], customers should not care where their motorcycle was built.[7]

F.A.Q about “where are honda motorcycles manufactured”

Which Honda motorcycles are made in China?

 The Super Cub series motorcycles produced by Sundiro Honda are designed for use primarily in China. The Wave 110T is a basic model that features an attractive style, while the Wave 110S is a more sporty model designed for younger riders.

Both models are equipped with push-button electric start and hydraulic front disc brakes.

Are any Honda motorcycles made in the USA?

Honda of America Manufacturing is one of the largest Honda dealerships in the U.S., and it has been building cars and light trucks since 1982.

Are Honda motorbikes made in China?

Honda exports more than 200,000 motorcycles made in China to Japan, Africa and the Middle East. These motorcycles are made from parts from multiple countries.

Where are Honda motorcycles made in the USA?

Honda has been manufacturing products in the United States since 1979, when it opened its first plant in Marysville, Ohio. Today, Honda operates 12 factories across the country.

Where in Japan are Honda motorcycles made?

Kumamoto Factory is Honda’s sole motorcycle plant in Japan, and it produces motorcycles for global sales.


Honda motorcycles are manufactured in several different countries around the world for a variety of reasons. Be sure to check which country your Honda motorcycle is manufactured in to see if you qualify for any tax benefits.

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