When Did The Ford Flex Come Out? new for 2022

When Did The Ford Flex Come Out?

Ford Flex
Production June 3, 2008–2019
Model years 2009–2019
Assembly Canada: Oakville, Ontario (Oakville Assembly)
Designer Peter Horbury

Why did Ford stop making the Ford Flex?

In the 11 years that Ford has been producing the Flex, just under 300,000 units of the boxy SUV were sold. This means that, on average, less than 30,000 Flex models were sold each year. These numbers were too low for Ford, and that’s why Ford discontinued the Flex, according to USA Today.

Is the Ford Flex a good car?

Overall Reliability Ratings: Is The Ford Flex Reliable? Overall the Ford Flex reliability is 59.85 and that makes it very reliable. The chart below illustrates exactly how this ranks compared to some other cars, but the average overall rating is 57 as some comparison.

What year did they first make the Ford Flex?

The Ford Flex was made available to consumers in the summer of 2008 as a 2009 model, and began production at Ford’ Oakville, Ontario, assembly plant. Based off Ford’s Fairlane concept, the Flex was created to replace the Ford Freestar minivan, and was the first CUV to combine both minivan and SUV characteristics.

What year was the best Ford Flex?

The 2019 Ford Flex is the best model year. It offers larger seats, improved handling, and more powerful engines. It comes with a glass roof for better all-around visibility, and the interior is plush. Nevertheless, 2019 Flex owners fault the model year on its low gas mileage.

Is there a 2021 Ford Flex?

Ford Flex 2020 is a 7 Seater SUV available between a price range of $30,575 – $38,790 in the United States.

Ford Flex 2021 Price List.
Ford Flex SE $30,575 (OTR Price) 3500 cc, 287 hp, Automatic, Petrol
Ford Flex Limited $38,790 (OTR Price) 3500 cc, 287 hp, Automatic, Petrol
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Is the Ford Flex built on a truck frame?

Because Flex is not built on a rugged body-on-frame chassis, it’s not like an old-school SUV. Nor is Flex like a van. At first Ford called it a crossover utility vehicle, but now Ford has decided that the term is unclear, so the latest official word is that it’s just a utility vehicle.

How quiet is the Ford Flex?

Overall, the Flex rides well and is commendably quiet. Rear-seat room is cavernous, with a usable third-row seat and generous cargo space.

Is a Ford Flex good in snow?

Is a Ford Flex Good in the Snow? The Flex may differ greatly from an SUV, but it offers the same benefits as any average crossover. For example, it can travel safely in snowy conditions with confidence.

How safe is the Ford Flex?

Moderate overlap front
Overall evaluation G
Structure and safety cage G
Driver injury measures
Head/neck G
Chest G

What is the last year for Ford Flex?

Officials at Unifor, the Canadian auto workers union, said in late 2016 that Ford would discontinue the Flex in 2020. The vehicle is built at the company’s plant in Oakville, Ontario, where it also makes the more-popular Ford Edge and Lincoln Nautilus. The 2019 model will be the last version of the Flex.Oct 28, 2019

What is the newest Ford Flex?

The 2019 Flex comes in three trim levels: SE, SEL, and Limited. All-wheel drive is available in the SEL and Limited trims. Additionally, the Limited is the only trim to that comes with the twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 engine, meaning shoppers looking for the most power should look to that model.

What does SEL mean on Ford Flex?

Compare the 2019 Ford Flex SE vs SEL – What is the difference? The Ford Flex SE is the base trim level for the Flex. It is equipped with a 287 horsepower V6 engine, a six speed automatic transmission with SelectShift capabilities. The SelectShift feature allows the driver to take over the shifting duties for the Flex.

Do flex fuel engines last longer?

Gas Mileage

While some experts assert that flex-fuel vehicles have similar mileage as regular fuel-powered vehicles, others claim they have lower gas mileage. While ethanol does raise a vehicle’s octane level, it contains less energy. In other words, it will take 1.5 times more to provide the same energy levels.

Is Ford Flex a van or SUV?

The Ford Flex is a full-size crossover SUV or wagon that was manufactured by the Ford Motor Company; a single generation was produced from the 2009 to 2019 model years. Introduced as the successor to the Ford Taurus X, the model line also functionally replaced the Ford Freestar minivan.

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How much does a 2019 Ford Flex cost?

The 2019 Ford Flex starts at $31,569, which is the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) plus a $995 destination charge. This is for the entry-level SE trim.

Do they make the Ford Flex anymore?

After its debut in 2008, the Ford Flex was met with both admiration and contempt. … However, with fierce competition among three-row SUVs, Ford made the decision to end production after the 2019 model run.

Will Ford replace the Flex?

Even though Ford has been expanding its utility lineup with the small EcoSport crossover SUV and with redesigns of the Explorer and Escape with hybrid options, there are no plans to replace the Flex.

How much gas mileage does a Ford Flex get?

Find and Compare Cars
2019 Ford Flex AWD
Personalize Find a car 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic (S6) Compare
Fuel Economy
EPA MPG Regular Gasoline 18 combined city/highway MPG 16 city 22 highway 5.6 gals/100 miles

What’s wrong with Ford Flex?

Here is a list of the most common problems with the Ford Flex: Swollen lug nuts. Engine failure. Door ajar light will not turn off.

Is Ford Flex a station wagon?

While shaped like a station wagon, the Flex offers the high seating position of a crossover sport utility vehicle, contains the features of a minivan, and drives like a luxury car.

Do Ford Flex have transmission issues?

They’re often easy to notice. Ford Flex transmission problems can present themselves as shifting delays, jumping or grinding during acceleration, the car shaking on the road, or whistling noises or a burning smell coming from beneath the hood.

Is Ford Flex good for off road?


The Ford Flex doesn’t come with enough ground clearance to take you on adventurous off-road excursions. Its 5.9-inches of ride height will get you moving on some rough and unpredictable terrains, but not all. You’d have to go for another competing model that rides a lot higher.

Are Ford Flex seats comfortable?


The Flex accommodates up to seven passengers across three rows of comfortable seating. But comfort is a Flex design feature that begins even before you get seated. With a ground clearance of just 5.9 inches, the Flex is exceptionally easy to get into (and out of).

Are Ford Flex seats removable?

The ford flex has easily removeable and foldable rear seats. …

How many passengers does a Ford Flex hold?

Spacious Seating for up to Seven

The standard seven-passenger seating includes first-row bucket seats, a second-row 60/40 split bench seat and a 50/50 split bench third-row seat. Both rear seats can also be folded flat for storage room (up to 83.2 cu. ft. of storage capacity).

Are there any recalls on 2009 Ford Flex?

Summary: Ford Motor Company (Ford) is recalling certain model year 2009-2012 Ford Flex, 2008 and 2010-2012 Ford Taurus, 2008-2009 Ford Taurus X, 2008 Mercury Sable, 2009 and 2011 Lincoln MKS vehicles. The driver frontal air bag may improperly inflate during second-stage deployment in the event of a high speed crash.

Are Ford Escapes 4wd or AWD?

The answer is that the 2018 Escape is available four four-wheel drive. This crossover offers a responsive system that delivers on the confidence you need, even when the weather or terrain change unexpectedly.

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How reliable is the 2018 Ford Flex?

How Reliable Is the 2018 Ford Flex? J.D. Power gives the 2018 Ford Flex a predicted reliability rating of three out of five, which is about average.

How do you unlock a Ford Flex without the key?

2009 Ford Flex: The Forgotten Keypad

But the touchpad is great for times when you don’t want to carry around the key or any personal belongings (i.e., the beach, hiking, the gym). Just press the 7-8 and 9-0 buttons together to lock and then a specific five-digit code to unlock.

Are explorers safe?

The 2021 Explorer won a prestigious safety award

This is the highest possible designation this organization can give to a vehicle, and it is well deserved. When the IIHS conducted its rigorous safety and crash tests, the 2021 Ford Explorer received either a “good” or “acceptable” score in every possible category.

Does Ford Flex have 3rd row?

The Flex seats seven people across three rows. … Like many 3-row SUVs, the Flex’s third row is only suitable for adults if the drive is short. The first two rows provide plenty of room, but the seats aren’t adequately supportive, which can pose problems on long drives.

What Ford Flex came with EcoBoost?

For drivers seeking a little more excitement, the current and second generation for sale, the 2013-2019 Ford Flex also offers the 3.5L EcoBoost® V6 engine available on the all-wheel drive Limited that ups the horsepower to 365 horsepower and increases towing capacity to 4,500 pounds when properly equipped.

Which Ford Flex has the EcoBoost?

The Limited trim offers a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine that produces 365 horsepower. It provides noticeably better acceleration than the base engine and doesn’t have the same strained feeling in certain driving situations. Note that upgrading to this engine also requires you to add all-wheel drive.

Are all Ford Flex Limited EcoBoost?

Optional engine is a twin-turbo 3.5-liter V-6 that develops 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet, also working with a 6-speed automatic. All-wheel drive is standard on a Limited with the optional engine, and it’s really the way to go to get the most out of the Flex.

Retail Price.
Engine 3.5L V-6
Drivetrain all wheel

Say Goodbye: Here’s Why The Ford Flex is Dead

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