What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model? Top 10 best budget Cars new for 2022

Subaru is a great brand for drivers who are looking for a car that is reliable and affordable. This is especially true for the 2017-2018 model years. Subaru has a wide variety of models that are available, so it is important to find the right one for you.

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What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model?
What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model?


What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model?

What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model?
What Is The Cheapest Subaru Model?

The Impreza sedan is the least expensive Subaru on sale, while the Crosstrek, essentially a lifted Impreza hatchback, is the cheapest Subaru SUV with prices starting at about $23,000.

How much is a basic Subaru?

How much is a basic Subaru?
How much is a basic Subaru?

The base model of the 2021 Subaru Outback starts at $28,351. Prices will increase as you add options or choose a trim with more features.

 Top 10 best budget-friendly Subaru

Subaru Tribeca 34,920

Subaru Tribeca 34,920
Subaru Tribeca 34,920

The 2020 Subaru Tribeca is the most expensive Subaru, and slightly cheaper than the cheapest Audi. This speaks volumes about Subaru’s affordability. The 2020 Tribeca offers outstanding practicality, even though it’s not a fun car to drive. It comes with a 3L V-6 engine that produces 256hp, and its powerful engine is mated to a 5-Speed automatic transmission and runs on Subaru’s symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive system.

If you are looking for an all-wheel-drive vehicle that can seat seven people, the 2020 Tribeca is a great choice. Compared to other vehicles in its class, the Tribeca doesn’t offer the most comfortable interior and might not be as quirky on the road.

Subaru Ascent $33,005

Subaru Ascent $33,005
Subaru Ascent $33,005

The 2020 Subaru Ascent is a great family car that comes with eight seats and symmetrical all-wheel drive. It has a roomy cabin with three rows of seats, making it more like a mini-van than an SUV.

The Ascent comes packed with tech features, such as lane assist and automatic emergency braking. This SUV offers a smooth drive experience, but there is occasional noise from the powertrain. The Ascent is powerful and comes with a 4-cylinder engine with a CVT transmission.

2020 Subaru BRZ $29,745

2020 Subaru BRZ $29,745
2020 Subaru BRZ $29,745

The 2020 BRZ is a practical sports car that offers raw power. It’s a reprieve thanks to its authentic drive experience, which shares a lot with the Toyota 86, a re-awaked legend drift car from the 1990s.

The 2020 Toyota BRZ comes with a 2-liter engine and a 6-speed manual transmission. The car can only seat four people, but it is very comfortable due to its straightforward cabin and standard features such as dual-zone climate control, heated seats, and well-customized leather upholstery.

2020 Subaru WRX $28,395

2020 Subaru WRX $28,395
2020 Subaru WRX $28,395

The WRX is a popular sports car that receives a great deal of love and respect from enthusiasts. There is no substitute for experiencing this vehicle firsthand—only taking it for a test drive can provide the true gauge of its performance. First and foremost, the WRX wears the badge of honor as a rally champion, which speaks to its prowess on twisty roads.

If you value tranquility over excitement, the 2020 WRX may not be for you. This performance car comes with a turbocharged 4-cylinder engine producing 268 horsepower. It’s perfect for those who want to take their driving to new heights and explore all that this powerful machine has to offer.

Subaru Outback $27,655

Subaru Outback $27,655
Subaru Outback $27,655

The 2020 Subaru Outback is not a car for the city. It is perfect for the wild outdoors, as it has a slightly elevated frame and drive height. It comes with Subaru’s standard symmetrical all-wheel-drive powertrain, which makes it great for adventurers.

This is the perfect car for anyone who loves camping, fishing, or Kayaking trips. There are two variations available – one with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine producing 182 horsepower and the other with a 2.4 L Turbocharged engine producing 260 horsepower. Both cars are comfortable rides with premium trims and dual-screen infotainment systems.

Subaru Forester $25,505

Subaru Forester $25,505
Subaru Forester $25,505

The Forester is one of the most successful SUVs from Subaru in America. It comes with All-Wheel-Drive and is a raised roof version of a station wagon. It has more room inside than other SUVs, as well as cargo space. The Forester’s design is well done and it has an excellent infotainment system.

All Subaru Foresters come with the same engine, a 2.5 L 4-cylinder that produces about 182 horsepower. It’s a great off-road vehicle with a hauling capability that closely rivals the Kia Sportage, Honda CR-V, and the Mazda CX-5.

Subaru Legacy $23,645

Subaru Legacy $23,645
Subaru Legacy $23,645

The Legacy is the only manufacturer’s model that eschews the active lifestyle of its siblings and takes on a traditional sedan presence. It is quiet, composed, and shares its powertrain with the 2020 Outback. It has a dignified car appearance with a presentable appearance that is more suitable for a medical conference than car meet. The Legacy comes with a 2.5L 4-cylinder engine producing 182 hp

If you’re looking for more power, you could go for the more powerful limited version of the car that comes with a 2.4 Turbocharged engine producing 260-hp. It offers improved handling, detailed interior, and a dual 7-inch infotainment display.

Subaru Crosstrek $23,155

Subaru Crosstrek $23,155
Subaru Crosstrek $23,155

The 2020 Subaru Crosstrek has a rugged, car-like appearance with a slightly raised stance. It features an all-wheel drive powertrain and is available in both a 2L 4-cylinder engine or a plug-in hybrid model.

The 2020 Subaru Crosstrek has a range of up to 17 miles all-electric. It has a basic interior that prioritizes function over form, making it an affordable SUV option.

Subaru Impreza $19,480

Subaru Impreza $19,480
Subaru Impreza $19,480

If you are looking for a high-value car that offers practicality, reliability, and affordability, the Impreza is your ideal choice. It rivals the Mazda 3 and the Prius in terms of value; it comes standard with Subaru’s All-Wheel-Drive powertrain.

The Subaru Impreza is a striking car with a roomy and practical interior. It has great crash test ratings and safety features including driver assistance. All the models come with the same 4-cylinder engine with a 5-speed manual transmission or CVT transmission producing 152hp and 145 lb-ft of torque. The Impreza is the most affordable model in America.

Subaru Trezia

Subaru Trezia
Subaru Trezia

The Trezia is a Japanese-made compact SUV that is budget-friendly, but it does not have the same popularity in America as other models from the manufacturer.

The Trezia comes with a 1.3 to 1.4L 4-cylinder engine and offers excellent fuel economy, making it perfect for city use. It’s not your average quirky Subaru and is nothing to write home about, but it’s an affordable car that will get you where you need to go efficiently.

Which is cheaper Subaru Outback or Forester?

Which is cheaper Subaru Outback or Forester?
Which is cheaper Subaru Outback or Forester?

Both models size up more or less equally; Foresters range in price depending on the trim, while Outbacks go for slightly more.

Is Subaru a cheap brand?

Is Subaru a cheap brand?
Is Subaru a cheap brand?

Subaru has updated its designs and features to make it one of the most reliable vehicles on the market. It also offers all-wheel drive for added versatility and affordability. Some people may compare Subaru to BMW, but when it comes to price, they are not even in the same ballpark.

F.A.Q about “what is the cheapest subaru model?”

How much is a small Subaru?

The Subaru Impreza is a low-cost compact car that starts at $18,795. The hatchback model starts at $19,295.

What is the smallest Subaru model?

The Crosstrek SUV is the smallest and least expensive member of the Subaru SUV lineup. It uses a Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system like the other models in the lineup.

How much is an Outback?

The starting price for the 2022 Subaru Outback is $26,945. This is considerably less than any other new wagon, though most of its classmates are from luxury brands like Audi and Volvo.

Should I buy an Outback or a Forester?

The Outback offers more space and more power for towing, but the Forester may provide a better driving experience and has better tech. Both models are comfortable, reliable options to consider in the Subaru lineup.

Which Subaru is best?

For 8 years, Consumer Reports has named the Subaru Forester as one of the best vehicles on the market. The next model to make it onto their list is the 2021 Subaru Outback, which they believe will be a great value for between $35,000-$45,000.

Is Outback quieter than Forester?

The Outback has a longer wheelbase than the Forester, which may make it more comfortable to ride in terms of Ride Quality.

Is Toyota or Subaru better?

Subaru is known for high mileage ratings. Many of its models can last around 200,000 miles.

Why is Subaru so cheap?

Subaru’s reputation for being cheaper to own than most other vehicles on the market is well-deserved. Their superior safety features, well-designed and incredibly reliable AWD systems, and high fuel economy make them one of the best choices for anyone looking for a vehicle.

Why Subaru is not popular?

One of the reasons Subaru’s reliability has decreased in recent years is because of the issues with their in-car technology. This is a common problem for many makes and models since the early 2000s.

What Subarus should I avoid?

The four Subaru models that CR recommends avoiding when shopping for a used car are the 2001-2009 Forester, 2001-2009 Outback, 2006-2008 Impreza, and the 2006 Baja. These models are more likely to need head gaskets replaced than other cars.

What is the most popular Subaru model?

Here, we count down Subaru’s top-selling models from 2017.
  1. 1 – Subaru Outback. Total Sales YTD 2017: 188,886 | Difference to 2016’s total: +3.3% …
  2. 2 – Subaru Forester. Total Sales YTD 2017: 177,563 | Difference to 2016’s total: -0.6% …
  3. 3 – Subaru Impreza. …
  4. 4 – Subaru Crosstrek. …
  5. 5 – Subaru Legacy.

What is the newest Subaru model?

  • 2022 Ascent. Starting at. 27/21 MPG Hwy/City. Forester $25,195* starting price.
  • 2022 Forester. Starting at. $25,195 MSRP. …
  • 2022 Outback. Starting at. BRZ $27,995* starting price.
  • 2022 BRZ. Starting at. $27,995 MSRP. …
  • 2021 Crosstrek. Starting at.
  • 2021 WRX. Starting at.
  • 2022 Impreza. Starting at.
  • 2022 Legacy. Starting at.

What is the best small car to buy?

Best small cars 2022
  1. Volkswagen Polo. The Volkswagen Polo is one of those small cars that’s just really good at everything. …
  2. Peugeot 208. In typical French fashion, the Peugeot 208 is a small car that majors on style and panache. …
  3. Hyundai i10. …
  4. Mini 5-door hatch. …
  5. Seat Ibiza. …
  6. Ford Fiesta. …
  7. Dacia Sandero. …
  8. Audi A1 sportback.

Is Subaru Korean?

Subaru is a division of a large Japanese transportation conglomerate called Fuji Heavy Industries. The company manufactures and sells commercial vehicles in various parts of the world, including North America, Europe, Oceania, the Middle East and other regions.

What is the biggest Subaru?

The all-new 2019 Subaru Ascent is the largest Subaru available today, outranking both the Subaru Outback and Subaru Forester. With three rows of seating and a passenger volume of 153.5 cubic feet, there’s plenty of space for your whole family in the new SUV.

What are common problems with Subarus?

The Most Common Subaru Problems
  • Denso Fuel Pump Failure. …
  • CAN System Parasitic Drain on the Battery. …
  • Unintended Acceleration. …
  • Brake Light Switch Defect. …
  • Cracked Windshields. …
  • Subaru STARLINK Problems. …
  • Lineartronic CVT Reliability. …
  • Rodents Chew Subaru’s Soy Wires.

What are common problems with Subaru Outback?

Subaru Outback Problems
  • Vibration or Shuddering on Acceleration. This problem is the most commonly reported issue Outback owners have experienced. …
  • Head Gasket Failure Due to Cooling System Problems. …
  • 3 Failed Front O2 Sensor. …
  • Engine Oil Leaks From Camshaft/Crankshaft Front Seals.

What is the top of the line Subaru?

Vehicles click to expand contents
  • Outback.
  • BRZ. Starting at $27,995* MPG Up to 30/21**
  • Crosstrek.
  • WRX.
  • Impreza.
  • Legacy.
  • Solterra.
  • Future Vehicles and Concepts.

How many miles can Subaru Outback last?

There are reports of Outback owners getting up to 300,000 miles out of their cars. This is usually with proper care and maintenance, but if your car gets low on oil, you can expect to get at least 200,000 miles from it without needing major repairs.

What is the cheapest Subaru SUV?

Subaru’s Crosstrek is the cheapest Subaru SUV on the market, starting at about $23,000. It has a comfortable and roomy interior and good fuel economy.

What is the fastest Subaru?

The WRX STI is the fastest Subaru currently in production. It can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds thanks to its powerful 2.5-liter boxer engine.

What year Subaru is the best?

When shopping for a new or used SUV, the CR and IIHS recommend models from the Subaru Forester (2016 or newer), Subaru Outback (2014 or newer), Subaru Crosstrek (2018 or newer), and Subaru Impreza (2014 or newer) brands. If you cannot buy a new model now, these are the best years to shop for an older SUV.

What should I buy instead of a Subaru Outback?

The Ford Escape is a popular compact crossover that competes against the Subaru Outback. It has almost the same cargo space as the Outback, handles well, and is fun to drive. It’s also quick when equipped with a more powerful engine.

What is the most reliable Subaru?

The Most Reliable Subaru Models According to Consumer Reports
  • The 2021 Subaru Forester is a reliable SUV that earns high marks from Consumer Reports. …
  • The 2021 Subaru Crosstrek boasts better reliability ratings than last year’s model. …
  • The rest of Subaru’s lineup earned surprisingly average reliability ratings.

Which is more reliable Outback or Forester?

The Subaru Forester reliability rating is 3.5 out of 5.0, which ranks it 21st out of 26 for compact SUVs. The average annual repair cost is $607, meaning that the Outback has average ownership costs.

What is the most reliable car brand?

  • 1: Lexus – 98.7% Lexus claims the top spot as the most dependable brand; its cars suffered very few faults and virtually all work was done for free. …
  • 2: Dacia – 97.3% …
  • =3: Hyundai – 97.1% …
  • =3: Suzuki – 97.1% …
  • =5: Mini – 97.0% …
  • =5: Toyota – 97.0% …
  • 7: Mitsubishi – 96.9% …
  • 8: Mazda – 95.9%

What is the most reliable car?

Most reliable cars 2020: 1-10
Ranking Model Reliability Score
3 MAZDA CX-5 95.64%
4 LEXUS NX 95.04%

What is the cheapest car to own and maintain?

Here are the eight cars that cost the least to maintain.
  • Toyota Corolla — $710 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Toyota Prius — $763 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Honda Accord — $822 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Kia Soul — $919 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Honda CR-V — $965 annual maintenance cost. …
  • Ford Mustang — $979 annual maintenance cost.

How long will a Subaru last?

Subaru vehicles typically last about 150,000 miles with little to no maintenance required. This makes them a good choice for people who want a reliable car that is affordable to fix or maintain.





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