What Is My Corvette Worth? new for 2022


What Is My Corvette Worth?

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette has a $60,900 starting price for coupe models and a $68,400 base price for convertibles. That’s about average for the luxury sports car segment. However, it’s a big discount compared to rivals with similar performance.Oct 7, 2021

How much is a Corvette worth?

The 2022 Chevrolet Corvette has a $60,900 starting price for coupe models and a $68,400 base price for convertibles. That’s about average for the luxury sports car segment. However, it’s a big discount compared to rivals with similar performance.

How much is an old Corvette worth?

Make Avg Price Last 90 Days
1969 Chevrolet Corvette $49,239 +4.02%
1970 Chevrolet Corvette $42,625 -12.02%
1971 Chevrolet Corvette $45,975 +6.15%
1972 Chevrolet Corvette $35,505 -10.99%

Do Corvettes go up in value?

The Chevrolet Corvette is KING When it Comes to Resale and Trade-In Values. The Chevrolet Corvette continues its reign as America’s favorite sports car. A new study finds that the Chevrolet Corvette has the highest resale and trade-in value right now.

How well do Corvettes hold their value?

You can get the Corvette as a coupe or as a convertible to make it a true marvel of American engineering. This German machine has a predicted resale value of 48.9% after five years of ownership.

What’s a 62 Corvette worth?

**Figure based on a stock 1962 Chevrolet Corvette valued at $54,800 with OH rates with $100/300K liability/UM/UIM limits.

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Why are Corvettes so cheap?

Corvettes are cheap due to economy of scale, and GM’s business model. By having lower profit margins and cutting down production costs through using less carbon fiber, reusing parts, limiting customizations, etc. Corvettes can be sold to everyday people for an affordable price.

What year Corvette is most valuable?

1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Coupe – $3.85 million

The most expensive Corvette ever sold at auction is the 1967 Chevy Corvette L88 Coupe, and it went for a whopping $3.85 million at a collectible car auction in 2014 in Scottsdale.

What is the best year Corvette to own?

Which Are the Best Used Corvettes to Buy?
  • 1987 Chevrolet Corvette. 1987 Chevrolet Corvette takes the top place among affordable and classic used Corvettes for sale in KY. …
  • 2010 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1. …
  • 2011 Corvette Z06. …
  • 2016 Chevy Corvette Stingray Z51. …
  • 2017 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport. …
  • 2018 Chevy Corvette Grand Sport.

What is the rarest Corvette color?

1967 Chevy Corvette Sting Ray Only 815 in Tuxedo Black

At 815 unites, Tuxedo Black was the rarest production color.

How do I sell my Corvette?

In general, if an online site wants money to help sell your Corvette, make sure that you owe money only if and when the car actually sells. The cheapest way to sell a car in the modern world is to use Craigslist. This is a free classified advertising site that has exploded in popularity in the last few years.

Will used Corvette prices drop?

Used car prices generally remain relatively constant year over year with 2019 having a 0.2% reduction over 2018, and 2020 had a 0.1% price increase over 2019. … Prices for the Corvette are up by 33.9% since April 2020 with the average used Corvette selling for $17,432 more in April 2021 when compared to April 2020.

Is owning a Corvette expensive?

Although Corvettes are still far more affordable than most European sports cars, it is important to remember that the Corvette is a performance automobile. As such, it has more expensive hardware under the hood. … Other maintenance items on Corvettes tend to be more expensive as well.

What are the bad years for Corvettes?

According to CorvetteForum.com, you’ll find that the 10 worst years were the debut year (1953), 1958, 1975, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1987, 1988, 1995, and 1998. That means that anything from the more current years seems like a lock.

What are the most collectible Corvettes?

Here are the five rarest Corvettes.
  • 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR2 — 12 built. A 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR2, sold by Mecum Auctions Photo by Mecum. …
  • 1971 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 — 8 built. …
  • 1963 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport — 5 built. …
  • 1986 Chevrolet Corvette in “Copper Metallic” — 4 built.
  • 1969 Chevrolet Corvette ZL1 — 2 built.
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Does a Corvette lose value?

A Chevrolet Corvette will depreciate 35% after 5 years and have a 5 year resale value of $47,905. The iconic Corvette is one of the best models out there for holding its value over the long term. … The longer you own it, the better it does in holding its value versus the competition.

What was Lucifer’s car?

Chevrolet Corvette C1
Lucifer’s car is a black 1962 first generation Chevrolet Corvette C1.Nov 10, 2021

How much is a 2021 Corvette?

As a reminder, pricing for the 2021 Corvette starts at $59,900 for 1LT Coupe models, and $67,400 for 2021 Corvette Stingray 1LT Convertible models.

How much is a Corvette C1 worth?

Q: What is the average sale price of a Chevrolet Corvette – C1? A: The average price of a Chevrolet Corvette – C1 is $99,103.

What was the worst Corvette?

15 Absolute “Worst” Corvettes Ever Made
  • 1982 C3.
  • 1988 Commemorative Edition.
  • 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo.
  • 1984 Corvette.
  • 1974 LS4 454.
  • 1977 C3.
  • 1995 Pace Car Replica.
  • 1998 Pace Car.

What is the cheapest Corvette year?

The cheapest way into a ‘Vette is to grab a C4 model, the fourth-generation cars built between the 1984 and 1996 model years. Chevy built these cars for more than a dozen years without any dramatic styling changes, but with updates almost annually.

What does C3 mean for a Corvette?

The C3 is the third generation of the Chevrolet Corvette, and marks the second time the Corvette would carry the Stingray name, though only for the 1969 – 1976 model years. This time it was a single word as opposed to Sting Ray as used for the 1963 – 1967 C2 generation.

Which Corvettes are collectible?

The Most Valuable Corvettes from C1 to C6
  • C1 (1953–62): 1953 Corvette Roadster.
  • C2 (1963–67): 1967 Corvette 427/430-hp L88 Coupe.
  • C3 (1968–82): 1969 Corvette 427/430-hp L88 Convertible.
  • C4 (1984–96): 1996 Corvette GS Convertible.
  • C5 (1997–2004): 2003 Corvette 50th Anniversary Pace Car Convertible.

Who owns the most expensive Corvette?

Rick Hendrick
2020 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C8 ($3 million) This is the first of the latest generation off the assembly line, and VIN-001 was bought by Rick Hendrick, a NASCAR team owner.Jun 20, 2021

What is the nicest Corvette?

Best Corvettes Ever Made
  • 1984 C4. …
  • 1986 C4 Corvette. …
  • 1988 Callaway Sledgehammer. …
  • 1997 C5 Corvette. …
  • 2004 Commemorative Edition. …
  • 2015 – 2019 Corvette Z06. …
  • 2017 Grand Sport. …
  • 2019 Corvette ZR1.

What is the most popular Corvette model?

The Top 10 Corvette Models of All-Time
  • 1955 Corvette V8. …
  • 1958 Corvette Fuelie. …
  • 1961 Corvette Mako Shark. …
  • 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe. …
  • 1969 Corvette ZL1. …
  • 1970 Corvette Stingray LT-1. …
  • 1990 Corvette ZR-1. …
  • 2002 Corvette Z06.
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What is the best Corvette ever made?

The Best Corvettes Ever Made
  • 1955 Corvette V8. …
  • 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. …
  • 1963 Sting Ray “Split-Window” …
  • 1969 Corvette ZL1. …
  • 1988 Corvette Callaway Sledgehammer. …
  • 2019 Corvette ZR1.

What is the most reliable Corvette?

The following is a list of the most reliable classic Corvettes.
  • 1953 Corvette. …
  • 1956 Corvette. …
  • 1960 Corvette. …
  • 1963 Corvette. …
  • 1969 Corvette. …
  • 1971 Corvette. …
  • 1977 Corvette. …
  • 1988 Corvette.

What is a 1982 Collectors Edition Corvette worth?

Vehicle: 1982 Corvette Collector Edition
Number Produced: 6,759
Original List Price: $22,537.59
SCM Valuation: $16,800-$29,500
Tune Up Cost: $400

What was the first Corvette?

The Chevrolet Corvette was first shown at a GM Motorama concept show in 1953 and entered production later that year. This C1 first-generation Corvette was only available as a convertible and the first two years of production only offered a six-cylinder engine and automatic gearbox.Apr 6, 2020

What is a 1988 Corvette worth?

1988 Chevrolet Corvette Retail Prices
Trim MSRP CarGurus Instant Market Value
Convertible RWD $35,295 $12,309
Coupe RWD $29,955 N/A

Where is the best place to sell my Corvette?

VetteFinders.com is your internet destination for buying and selling Corvettes. Our Corvette classified ads have helped thousands of people buy and sell their Corvettes since 1996. If you need to sell your Corvette, you’ve come to the right place.

How long does it take to sell a Corvette?

Corvettes spent an average of just 13.1 days at dealerships before they sold, the report says. Comparatively, an average new car took 48.9 days to sell.

Why are used Corvette prices so high?

Used Corvette prices have risen dramatically over the past 12 months, according to a new study published by auto industry research firm iSeeCars. … “Sports cars aren’t practical purchases, so drivers are likely more willing to pay a premium for them, especially because they aren’t as common in the used car marketplace.”

Why are Corvettes marked up?

More recently, production stoppages have been incurred due to various parts shortages and supply issues, including multiple pauses earlier in the year. All told, the desirability and low availability of the Corvette C8 has skyrocketed dealer markups. Now, the question is this – are customers willing to pay?

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