What is educational innovation? An overview new for 2022

What is educational innovation?

The world is changing. Education needs to change too. 

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What is educational innovation?

Educational innovation is the act of innovating educational technology.

As our world becomes more technologically advanced, many have pushed for education to become more innovative. Technology has made it possible to learn so much. Technology that makes an impact in education or training, especially in curriculum development

It has altered or created new courses (i.e. programming, cyber security), change the traditional ways we learn. By using technology, we can learn through a remote, online course or learning every time, everywhere we want.

Education has always been subject to change based on the ideas of its current time.

what is educational innovation
what is educational innovation

What is the importance of innovation in education?

The importance of innovation in education is huge. It’s not just about the knowledge that students are learning or the skills they are building, but the technology used to improve every single part of their learning experience.

Technology has taken over and continues to do so in many different facets of our lives. The world is becoming more accessible, faster, efficient, better, and you get it… the list goes on. How can we not expect it to penetrate the education sector?

But technology is nothing without savvy educators and students who know how to use it. And if we want the next generation to be savvier than their older peers, then we have to equip them with tools that can deliver knowledge in a way that the students understand.

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What are the innovative ways of teaching?

The 21st century is the era of knowledge. As technology progresses, it becomes easier for us to access information. Information is everywhere, all one has to do is look. History, science, literature, and the arts- anything available at one’s fingertips. And yet despite this, there is no guarantee that one will learn. This leads back to the original question: what are the innovative ways of teaching?

What are the innovative ways of teaching?
What are the innovative ways of teaching?

Technology has no doubt changed the way we live, but one area that has not taken advantage of it is education. Schools are still using the same methods they have been using for decades, if not centuries. The way things are taught in school is linear and outdated: these methods of teaching were built around chalk and talk. And while this is not a problem in the lower grade levels, it does pose a challenge as students enter high school and college.

With the rate of technology growing exponentially, students are becoming more sophisticated

For example, instead of writing an essay, one can type it on a computer. Instead of memorizing the formula for a chemistry equation, one can get an app on their phone to look it up instantly. These are skills students of the 21st century will need if they want to succeed and survive. According to a report, more than half of all jobs in 2020 will require digital know-how (it is now estimated that 90% of the jobs created since the 2008 recession will be technology-related).

Innovative teaching strategies and techniques 

Educational innovation strategies and techniques can be considered from a number of perspectives. In short, educational innovation is the development and implementation of new programs that are strategically designed to improve aspects of learning from both a student-centered and content-focused perspective.

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The main idea of innovation techniques is to make learning more interactive and engaging for students, ultimately leading to better knowledge retention, communication skills, and abilities. This then leads to the student being able to apply this knowledge into their own practice or other situations.

Innovative teaching strategies and techniques 
Innovative teaching strategies and techniques

Examples of successful innovations in education

Educational technology [the use of technology to enhance education] can enhance traditional teaching methods by modernizing the curriculum for both teachers and students. Educational technology can be effective in allowing students who are at different levels to learn together, thus creating a more diverse learning environment.

One example of educational innovation is the change of allowing students to use laptops, iPads, and other electronics in today’s classrooms. Some schools are even giving these devices to students so they can use them at home and in school. Another example is allowing high school students to take classes online, especially if the student does not have a computer at home. In order for these to be successful, they must first come up with a plan for how these devices will be used in the classroom and who will be responsible for them. There also must be a plan as to how students will learn the proper etiquette when it comes to school.


What does innovation in education mean to you?

The educational system is rapidly changing and with its rapid rate of change, it brings challenges that need to be addressed. The OECD has reported that in 12 years there will be at least 50% more jobs in advanced economies than students to fill them. Also, the report states that the students do not have the necessary skills needed to be successful in the workforce.

Innovation encourages students and teachers to research, explore, and use all available resources to discover something new. Innovation entails a new way of looking at and solving problems. It also improves education because it requires students to think at a higher level in order to solve complex problems.

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Impact of innovation in education

Many schools have taken on the challenge of improving their methods of teaching by implementing modern technological advances in the classroom. 

While not all schools are looking to become high-tech schools, many schools have chosen to take on the challenge of teaching students more effectively. Many schools are taking advantage of new technological advances that have been introduced into education.

One example of successful educational innovation is the use of technology in the classroom. 

Obstacles in innovation in education

Some of the problems that are faced include resistance by government and administration, the lack of a shared vision on innovation in education, and the availability of resources dedicated to educational research.

Some fear that the innovative approaches to teaching and learning adopted in schools may not be fully understood by the members of the administration.

The current education system is too rigid, which makes it very hard for change to be implemented. The educational system is still using the same methods that have been used in the past to provide information.

While many schools have seen the benefits of incorporating technology into their teaching methods, there are numerous others that have yet to see the potential of this educational innovation.


When incorporating various technological innovations, we must consider the potential benefits and challenges. Although technology is an important component of innovation, the important key to educational innovation is human connections and engaging students in educationally purposeful activities. We need to do a better job of emotionally and psychologically supporting students and keeping them actively engaged in their own learning.  

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