What Is Dexcool Coolant? new for 2022


What Is Dexcool Coolant?

ACDelco DEX-COOL® is an ethylene glycol based fluid that provides maintenance-free protection against freezing and boiling but also against corrosion. Extended coolant life, often for the whole life of the engine or vehicle, is obtained through the use of virtually non-depleting corrosion inhibitors.

What is the difference between Dexcool and regular antifreeze?

The main way to tell the difference between Dex-Cool and regular antifreeze is that Dex-Cool is typically orange, whereas antifreeze is usually green. … The idea was simple really Dex-Cool lasts longer than traditional antifreeze.

Can I put regular antifreeze instead of Dex cool?

Do not mix Dex-Cool with regular anti-freeze! Dex-Cool is a specially formulated GM coolant which will not mix with traditional coolants, and was used in various GM applications up through the 2004 model year.

What vehicles use Dexcool coolant?

What can I substitute for Dex Cool antifreeze?

I recommend Yellow. Prestone extended life. Either 50/50 or cut it yourself with distilled. It is GM certified as a DEX Cool replacement and can be mixed with Dex Cool (don’t mix it outright, drain it, just that what does not drain out it’s ok when it intermixes).

Can you use water instead of Dexcool?

On GM’s own consumer site, the debate regarding its Dexcool antifreeze continues. And in mixing any antifreeze with water for a 50/50 mix, the use of distilled water is highly recommended.

What happens if I put a different coolant in my car?

Using the wrong coolant or mixing different types together can hinder the car’s performance. It may also increase corrosion in the radiator. … Using the wrong coolant can lead to corrosion and other damages to the radiator, water pump, radiator hoses, cylinder gasket, and more.

Can I use Prestone instead of Dex-cool?

Prestone® Dex-Cool® Premixed LongLife® Antifreeze/ Coolant has been approved by General Motors under their DEX-COOL® specifications and is compatible with other DEX-COOL® approved coolants.

Should I use Dexcool or green antifreeze?

Dex-Cool uses a combination of organic acids as its corrosion inhibitors (OAT – Organic Acid Technology). GM believes that it provides better corrosion protection than regular green coolant for cooling system composed of different metals (primarily iron, aluminum, and brass), and provides a longer 5-year service life.

Is all orange coolant Dexcool?

The Colors of Coolant

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What color is Dex-Cool®?” It’s true, coolant liquid comes in different colors, most commonly green (orange for Dex-Cool®). Each color is a unique formula that should not be mixed. The below chart will help you decipher which fluid is in your vehicle.

Is DexCool still a problem?

GM still uses Dex-Cool coolant and there is no longer a problem with gasket coolant interaction. So contrary to the ranting, DexCool IS the recommended coolant for GM engine.

Does Prestone antifreeze have DexCool?

Prestone Extended Life Antifreeze is fortified with Cor-Guard inhibitors to prevent corrosion. Prestone Dex-Cool Antifreeze is formulated for use in all vehicles that require Dex-Cool coolant, and can also be used in all other cars and light-duty trucks that use extended life coolant.

Does GM still use DexCool?

Dex-Cool is now used in almost 40 million vehicles sold by GM since 1996. On its website, GM claims Dex-Cool will last 5 years or 150,000 miles but a steady stream of consumers insist the product is defective and has damaged their vehicles.

Can I switch from Dexcool to green coolant?

If you want to change over to the traditional coolant from Dexcool (I would, I’ve gotten to see some of the damage it’s done on fairly new vehicles) then you need to flush the system. How I’ve seen shops do this is to start the car up and let the engine run a bit to build the coolant pressure.

What happens when you mix Dexcool with regular antifreeze?

Dex-Cool is a specially formulated GM coolant which will not mix with traditional coolants, and was used in various GM applications up through the 2004 model year. Mixture of alternate chemicals will void the GM endorsement, will degrade coolant integrity, and possibly damage the coolant system of your GM vehicle.

What brand is Dex-cool?

Valvoline ZEREX Dex-Cool® Antifreeze/Coolant is automaker approved for use in GM vehicles which require OAT DEX-COOL®. Additional product benefits include: OAT DEX-COOL® AUTOMAKER APPROVED for use in GM and SAAB vehicles.

What kind of coolant does my BMW need?

For BMW owners, you need a BMW approved coolant. You can use a BMW Coolant Antifreeze or a BMW 82-14-2-209-769 Antifreeze. Both coolants are highly effective on all BMW models. They have no nitrite or phosphate, the major corrosion catalysts.

What happens if you use the wrong color antifreeze?

If you do mix different-coloured coolants they generally do not mix well and some can form a gel-like substance. This will halt coolant flow, causing blockages that can lead the engine to overheat, as well as damage to the radiator, water jackets and heater core. Also, the water pump can overheat and fail.

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What is the red antifreeze?

Red antifreeze is commercially known as Dexcool® that lasts longer than other types of antifreeze. … This hybrid technology leads to the production of red antifreeze. When compared with green antifreeze and other older versions of antifreeze compounds, red antifreeze is more stable and it improves the water pump life.

What is the difference between blue and green coolant?

Nissan Green Coolant has a shorter service interval than Nissan Blue with changes needed every 4 years or 96,000 km (60,000 miles).

Can you use red antifreeze with green?

It’s perfectly backwards compatible if you want to do that. But you really don’t want to mix them, it’s not that good of an idea to mix them. If you want to have the correct coolant added for you, consider YourMechanic. They will be able to come to your home or office to perform this service.

Can I mix yellow and orange coolant?

There is green antifreeze and orange antifreeze. … These days you can actually get yellow antifreeze, blue antifreeze, pink antifreeze and more. The fact is, mixing these liquids is not safe.

Can you mix Prestone all vehicles with Dexcool?

Perfectly OK. The new Prestone bright yellow coolant is compatible with any coolant used by any car brand or manufacturer.

What antifreeze is silicate free?

Conventional green antifreeze was recommended by most American original equipment manufacturers (OEM) for over 70 years. OAT (Organic Acid Technology) Propylene glycol based antifreeze that is silicate-free with the same metal wear protection as IAT antifreeze.

Is universal coolant really universal?

No. Several coolant manufacturers claim their coolant work in all makes and all models. In other words, they want you to think their product is a universal coolant / antifreeze. … There are many different types of coolant and each one has a different type of anti-corrosion additive.

Can you use green coolant in a Chevy?

You can utilize the red, orange, blue, green, purple, whatever color of coolant. The deal is, if you do use green instead of orange (Dexcool), you need to follow the change intervals for the green coolant (IIRC, it’s usually 24k miles or 24 months … depending on the brand, but I believe that’s about nominal).

Are Dexcool and Motorcraft orange the same?

Alternatives to the Motorcraft orange antifreeze, Focus ST spec WSS-M97B44-D2 that are safe to use. Bottom line is Prestone DexCool® is a safe and readily available alternative to Motorcraft. Other alternatives are certainly available (e.g., Zerex, Peak, etc.)

What type of antifreeze is Prestone?

OAT coolant/antifreeze
Prestone is an OAT coolant/antifreeze but also contains anti-corrosion ingredients to protect your cooling system.

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Can I use any coolant in my car?

Well, you use the coolant that is specified in your owner’s manual. If you just need to top it up, the recommendation is still the same, however it is unlikely to cause any serious problems if you add a litre of a different type of coolant, as long as you follow the manufacturer’s maintenance schedule.

What years did GM go to Dexcool?

Back in 1995, GM began to use “Dex-Cool” coolant in its vehicles; in fact, you may very well be driving a vehicle that uses Dex-Cool.

How often should Dexcool be changed?

Normally you’d have to replace the silicated (green) coolant every 50,000 kms or 2 years whichever first. With Dexcool that interval can be extended to 5 years or 240,000 kms whichever first.

Does Dex Cool eat gaskets?

if your using Dex Cool antifreeze, its eating away at your engines gaskets and cooling system components. it could also get inside your engine and mix with your oil from gaskets or alumiunm parts being eatin away from the dex cool.

Does Walmart carry Dexcool?

Prestone DEX-COOL Antifreeze+Coolant; Extended Life -1 Gal- Ready to Use, 50/50 – Walmart.com.

Does Walmart have Dex-cool?

DEX-COOL ELC 50/50 ANTIFREEZE ,1 Gallon – Walmart.com.

Is Dex-cool red?

Color. To differentiate DEX-COOL coolant from regular coolants, the manufacturers often produce the coolant in a different color. Regular coolant is often green while DEX-COOL is orange or red. … Due to the orange color of DEX-COOL, it is harder to visually tell when the coolant must be replaced.

The Story of Dex-Cool: The Coolant That Put General Motors in Hot Water • Cars Simplified

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