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What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma?

What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma?
What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma?

In Oklahoma, a green title is a document that shows the property has been lawfully transferred to the new owner. The automobile has been JUNKED. This implies it cannot be driven on a road lawfully and is dangerous to do so. You must mosquito for any of the phrases “Branded,” “Insurance Loss,” or “Recovered Theft Loss.” These marks show that the car once had an issue in another state, frequently on its history.

Tips for green headlines in oklahoma.

How To Inspect A Car

How To Inspect A Car
How To Inspect A Car

It’s easiest to find a potential automobile on a clear, dry day. Hail damage, denting, and repainting are just a few of the flaws that don’t show up at night or when there is water on the vehicle. A vehicle inspection must be thorough and should only be done under ideal circumstances: time and conditions permitting an examination on the lot followed by a drive on the road.

Investigate the car before you buy it.

When it comes time to sell your automobile, make sure you’ve driven it a lot. However, don’t expect the dealer to allow you drive across country before buying.

Mechanical Inspection

Get a professional inspection before you buy the vehicle.

Get It In Writing

Get It In Writing
Get It In Writing

Although it may be tedious, always complete and sign paperwork when buying wheels. Do not sign any contract or form if it is not entirely filled out with only the terms you have agreed to. Keep in mind that if something is not written down, you will have no way to prove that it was part of the deal. Anything that played a role in your decision-making process needs to be included in the contract.

Most dealers utilize a “WE OWE” form to indicate anything they promise or give before or after the vehicle is delivered. Even if your brother is the dealer, he may decide to disown you when you start complaining that you didn’t receive what you thought you was purchasing.

Don’t be in a hurry.

Take the time you need to make sure that everything you’re worried about has been addressed before deciding to purchase the car and sign the contracts. There is no “72-Hour Rescission” or cooling off period in which you may return the automobile if you change your mind. You are contractually bound once you’ve signed it.

Alway request to see the title before you commit to anything.

What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma
What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma

Examine the title of the car you’re buying. There are several types of vehicle titles available. A green certificate of title is the most common type, which is for a “rebuilt” vehicle. For a salvage or junk automobile, an orange certificate of title is used. Non-roadworthy vehicles get red or blue titles. Unless it’s a green title with no special notations, the dealer must disclose the kind of title you will receive.

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Titles that have been rebuilt

Titles that have been rebuilt
Titles that have been rebuilt

In Oklahoma, a rebuilt title is another term for a re-titled vehicle. This phrase refers specifically to automobiles that were previously designated as salvage and have now been restored to roadworthy condition. It also implies the automobile has gone through a rebuilt vehicle inspection before receiving this designation in Oklahoma. Because work was done to repair them and they were examined by a certified expert, vehicles with this label are often considerably cheaper than those with salvage titles in Oklahoma.

What is a rebuilt title?

What is a rebuilt title?
What is a rebuilt title?

You may also come across a rebuilt title in Oklahoma. This specifically refers to vehicles that previously had a salvage title but have since been restored to roadworthy condition. It also implies that the vehicle has passed a rebuilt vehicle inspection before receiving this title. Vehicles with this designation are a much better deal than those with salvage titles, at least in Oklahoma, because they have been repaired and inspected by a trained official.

A salvage vehicle that is ten (10) model years old

or newer and has been repaired to a roadworthy condition must be inspected by a Motor License Agent before it may be used.

The vehicle owner must fill out and submit a “Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Request”

(OTC Form 788-B) to the Motor License Agent.

If the owner requires an allocated serial number, he or she must contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission Motor Vehicle Division, Title Section.

Before the rebuilt inspection, the given serial number must be permanently fastened to the vehicle.

Within ten (10) working days after receiving the request

The Motor License Agent will determine the day, time, and place of the inspection.

If the inspection site is not the rebuilder’s place of business, the Motor License Agent must provide a “Authorization for Travel and Inspection” (OTC Form 788-C) permitting the applicant to drive the vehicle to and from the inspection location. This document does not exempt the vehicle operator from Oklahoma Financial Responsibility requirements, nor does it enable the vehicle to be used without a recent safety inspection.

The inspection must be carried out by the Motor License Agent or by individuals hired by the Motor License Agent.

Prior to the inspection, any vehicle damage must be remedied.

The rebuilt vehicle inspection must include all of the following:

  • The vehicle identifying number (VIN) is compared to the number on the ownership records.
  • Examination of the vehicle identifying number and the VIN plate for suspected alterations or other forms of fraud.
  • Interpretation of the vehicle identification number recorded on ownership records to ensure that it appropriately reflects the motor vehicle under consideration. Motor License Agents must utilize the VIN analysis system (VINA) included into the Motor Vehicle Computer System to ensure that the VIN appropriately represents the vehicle.
  • Vehicle odometer inspection to identify rollback or modification.
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What is Salvage Titles?

What is Salvage Titles?
What is Salvage Titles?

When the damage exceeds sixty percent (60%) of the value of the title, it is salvaged. If the owner indicates that the vehicle was damaged and that the cost of restoring it to roadworthy condition exceeded sixty percent (60%) of its fair market value at the time of loss, the vehicle will be treated as if it were entering Oklahoma with a salvage title. This is true whether the damage was caused by theft, collision, or another occurrence.

All receipts for components installed on the car. The Agent is responsible for validating the components used and returning the invoices to the owner, as well as providing proof of current liability insurance. The “Affidavit of Non-Use in Lieu of Liability Insurance” (OTC Form 797) is insufficient. (k) The Motor License Agent or employee shall execute a “Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection” in its entirety (OTC Form 788-A). Even if the vehicle fails one or more parts of the inspection, the whole inspection must be performed. If a vehicle fails a rebuilt inspection, the Motor License Agent must notify the Motor Vehicle Division, Title Corrections, to ensure the vehicle record is marked with a “stop flag.”

1.If a rebuilt inspection fails a vehicle:

  • An Oklahoma rebuilt title will not be awarded unless a formal authorisation from an Oklahoma law enforcement agency is received.
  • The vehicle owner receives the original (top) copy of the OTC Form 788-A. (m) If an Oklahoma law enforcement agency issues written authorisation for the granting of a rebuilt title to a vehicle that has previously failed a rebuilt inspection, the owner must:
  • Return to the same Motor License Agency where the rebuilt inspection was completed.
  • Please provide the original (top) copy of the OTC Form 788-A, as well as
  • Submit the letter from the Oklahoma law enforcement department approving the issuing of the rebuilt title.

2.The Motor License Agent must contact the Motor Vehicle Division’s

Title Section for permission to issue the rebuilt title and to have the “stop flag” removed from the vehicle record.

3. If a vehicle passes inspection

the original (top) copy of the OTC Form 788-A must be attached to the rebuilt title receipt in the Motor License Agent’s semi-monthly report as supporting evidence.

4.The Motor License Agent keeps the second (bottom) copy

The OTC Form 788-A whether the vehicle passes or fails the inspection.

5.The rebuilt inspection fee is only collected when the rebuilt title is granted.

The Motor License Agent is not to give the original (top) copy of OTC Form 788-A to the owner if the owner refuses to title and register the vehicle after the inspection is conducted and passes at the inspecting agency.

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6.The Motor License Agent is not accountable for any damage to the vehicle that occurs during the inspection

nevertheless, the Motor License Agent is liable for any damage to the vehicle caused by negligent actions or omissions during the inspection.

What is a green title for a car Oklahoma?

What is a green title for a car Oklahoma?
What is a green title for a car Oklahoma?

In most situations, a green title indicates a typical automobile, while an orange one is given to a rebuilt vehicle.

    FAQs: What Is A Green Title In Oklahoma?

    What color is a rebuilt title?

    What color is a rebuilt title?
    What color is a rebuilt title?

    Car titles printed on orange paper typically indicate that the vehicle was a salvage title vehicle that was rebuilt and approved for resale by a state agency. If you’re not sure what the color of your title means in your state, contact your state’s DMV or vehicle registry department.

    What does it mean when a car has a green title?

    What does it mean when a car has a green title?
    What does it mean when a car has a green title?
    A green title is a clean title. A blue title is a salvage title. An orange title indicates that the vehicle has been rebuilt from salvage.

    Does Oklahoma allow salvage title cars?

    When the damage to a car in Oklahoma is greater than 60% of its fair market value, the insurance companies will label it a total loss and declare it salvage. It will be given a salvaged title by the state at that point, preventing you from driving it on public roads.

    Is Green title worth more than survey strata?

    In the majority of circumstances, survey strata land is essentially equivalent to green title, so missing out on this at a low price may be a missed opportunity.

    What is the difference between green title and survey strata?

    The main distinction between a green title subdivision and a survey strata subdivision is the type of land titles established – green title allows for the creation of unique land titles for each lot, whereas survey strata require one overall title.

    What is a clean title?

    A car with a clean title means that it has never been totaled, also known as a salvage car. With a clean title, the warranty on the car might still be valid and it will have a slightly higher resale value. … The only thing that can affect a car’s title is if there is an insurance claim filed against it.


    A green title in Oklahoma is a great benefit to have. If you are looking for information on how to get a green title in Oklahoma, or if you would like more information on what a green title is, please visit amortips.com or give us a call. We would be happy to help you!

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