How To Register A Car In Rhode Island? new for 2022

In Rhode Island, there are a few things you need to do in order to register your car.

How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?
How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?

The process of registering a car can be confusing and time consuming. You may not know what documents you need or which steps to take.

Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process of How To Register A Car In Rhode Island? We’ll provide all the information you need, including what documents you need and where to go. Let us help make this process easy for you!


How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?

How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?
How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?

How to register a car in RHode Island if you are RI resident?

Case 1: You buy car from dealerships

If a resident of Rhode Island buys a car from a dealer, the dealer may submit the registration paperwork to the DMV. If they do not, Rhode Island citizens will be required to provide the following information to the RI DMV:

A completed Registration and Title Certificate Application (Form TR-1). The registration application must be signed by all owners. If all of the owners are unable to be present when the car is registered, their signatures must be notarized.

Out-of-state dealers must complete a Dealers RI Use Tax form (Form T-334-2).

  • Purchase Agreement.
  • A Power of Attorney is required for leased cars.
  • Sales tax and registration costs must be paid.
  • Title (if the vehicle’s model year is 2001 or later) or Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin (MSO).
  • RI driver’s license or identification card
  • Proof of current RI insurance.
  • Form for Dealer Sales Tax.

Before registering a vehicle that is 2001 or newer and has an out-of-state title or was registered out-of-state, a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) check is necessary.

Case 2: You buy car from a private party

Residents of Rhode Island who acquire a car from a private party must provide the following items to their local Rhode Island DMV office:

  • A completed Application for Registration and Title Certificate (Form TR-1).
  • Proof of automobile insurance
  • A properly filled Use Tax form (Form T-334-2).
  • If the vehicle is 2001 or newer, the signed-over title.
  • A sale agreement.
  • The gross vehicle weight of the car should be included on the title or bill of sale.
  • A Rhode Island driver’s license or identification card.
  • If relevant, proof of the prior owner (for non-title vehicles only).
  • When registering, all owners named on the title must be present. If not, the registration application must be notarized by the absent parties.
  • A vehicle identifying number (VIN) check is required as proof.
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This only applies to automobiles manufactured in 2001 or later that have an out-of-state title or registration. Contact your local police station for VIN check locations.

Payment of RI car registration payments, including sales tax.

Case 3: You buy a leased car

Residents of Rhode Island who acquire a rented car should be aware that the DMV does not require titles from leasing businesses. In addition to these papers, Rhode Island residents will be asked to present the original title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin awarded to their lessor.

  • The leasing company’s Power of Attorney.
  • Form T-333-1, Sales or Use Tax Exemption Certificate, with the leasing business indicated as the purchaser.

How to register a car in Rhode Island if you are RI non- residents?

Out-of – state students who attend a Rhode Island institution are not required to get Rhode Island license plates. The state enables non-residents to maintain their out-of-state license plates while studying.

How to register a car in Rhode Island if you are new residents who has just moved to Rhode Island?

You’ll have 30 days after establishing residence in Rhode Island to register and title your out-of-state automobiles.

To do so, you must bring the following materials to your local RI DMV office:

  • A full Title and Registration Application (Form TR-1).
  • Your title and registration paperwork from another state.
  • A finished VIN inspection.
  • Proof of RI automobile insurance.
  • Registration and title fees must be paid.

What are documents you always prepare when registering my automobile in Rhode Island?

What are documents you always prepare when registering my automobile in Rhode Island?
What are documents you always prepare when registering my automobile in Rhode Island?
When registering car with the RI DMV, there are few papers that you must always supply.
To register your car in Rhode Island, you need always have the following items on hand:
  • Ownership documentation (Certificate of Title or Manufacturer’s Certificate of Origin/MCO).
  • You must provide proof of your current Rhode Island vehicle insurance coverage.
  • Rhode Island Vehicle Registration Application that has been completed.
  • Your current driver’s license and license number.
  • Proof of residence in the county where the car is being registered.
  • In the case of used automobiles, you may additionally be required to present:
  • The prior owner’s signed and completed Rhode Island Certificate of Title.
  • sale agreement.
  • Documents from previous registrations
  • Statement of Odometer Disclosure.
  • License plates, if you intend to transfer your existing plates to your new car.
Out-of-state automobiles registering in Rhode Island may additionally need the following documents:
  • qualified Rhode Island VIN inspector performs VIN Verification/VIN Inspection.
  • The certificate of title and/or registration papers from another state.
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How much does it cost to register your car in Rhode Island?

How much does it cost to register your car in Rhode Island?
How much does it cost to register your car in Rhode Island?

Vehicle registration costs are calculated depending on the weight of the vehicle. To calculate the fee for your car, use the vehicle registration fee table.

Other significant fees:

  • $19.50 for a duplicate RI automobile registration certificate.
  • $7.50 for an updated RI car registration certificate.
  • $1.50 technology charge (added to registration).

FAQs How To Register A Car In Rhode Island?

Can I register my car online Rhode Island?

Division of Motor Vehicles

After you’ve finished your online renewal, print the confirmation page for verification. The confirmation page is your registration certification. At this moment, registrations for passenger cars may be renewed online.

Do I need insurance to register a car in RI?

In the state of Rhode Island, you must have insurance in order to register a car. At the time of registration, proof of insurance is required. In the state of Rhode Island, you have 30 days from purchase to register a car, but you can’t drive it until you do so.

How many days do you have to register a car in Rhode Island?

The state of Rhode Island has several laws that you must follow when relocating there. The most crucial thing to remember while moving to Rhode Island is their vehicle registration rules. Before being penalized, you will have 30 days to register your car in Rhode Island after which you will be charged a late fee.

Can I register a car in Rhode Island with an out-of-state license?

To register a vehicle in Rhode Island, you must first confirm your identification (valid out-of-state license) and residence (utility bill, property tax bill, etc.)


If you’re looking to learn more about how to register a car in Rhode Island, we can help. Our team of are here to provide you with all the information you need to make the process as smooth as possible. Contact us today for more information!

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