How To Install Ford Smartlink? new for 2022

How To Install Ford Smartlink?

FordPass SmartLink customers pay $16.99 a month, plus installation, for 24 months to purchase the device and receive telematics services that enable remote key fob, location and vehicle health features.May 31, 2021

How much does it cost to install Ford SmartLink?

FordPass SmartLink customers pay $16.99 a month, plus installation, for 24 months to purchase the device and receive telematics services that enable remote key fob, location and vehicle health features.

How do I install Ford Smart Link?

To install your Ford SmartLink device, simply locate your OBDII port, plug it in, and leave it there. The features will only work when this tool is plugged in. Your infotainment screen will give you a couple new prompts when you plug it in. Click OK and you are on your way!

How do I activate FordPass SmartLink?

To activate FordPass;
  1. Download the FordPass app. …
  2. Enter your Ford Owners account login information. …
  3. Create a touch ID or 4 digit pin for security.
  4. Enter your vehicle information, by selecting My Vehicles, Add Vehicle, enter your vehicle VIN number (or scan it). …
  5. Select Finish.
  6. Activate.

How much does it cost to install FordPass?

All that information doesn’t exactly come cheap. The FordPass SmartLink will be sold at Ford dealerships starting in “mid-2018,” and costs $17 per month plus installation. (Ford originally announced the SmartLink OBD dongle at the beginning of last year, but rolled out access to it slowly as part of a trial program.

Is Ford SmartLink discontinued?

“The FordPass SmartLink product has been discontinued effective March 14, 2019.

Can I add FordPass to my truck?

All you need to do is plug the device into your OBD II port – which you’ll find under your steering wheel. Once you do that, and follow a few simple prompts, FordPass SmartLink lets you enjoy all of the new technology features of modem-equipped new Ford cars, trucks and SUVs.

What is a SmartLink device?

SmartLink is a link containing various offers in it. “SmartLink” is a URL through which you can redirect traffic to the correct offer based on targeting on Geo, device, etc. This will help to utilize the traffic without wasting it.

Can FordPass be installed?

The FordPass app is software that you can install on your smartphone. It gives you access to information about your vehicle, in addition to giving you some extra control, such as remote starting or even extra benefits such as FordPass Rewards.

What does the Ford Smart Data Link do?

The FordPass SmartLink system is essentially a 4G LTE dongle that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD II port and then connects to the FordPass app on your smartphone. This gives you access to your vehicle’s lock and unlock functions from a much greater distance than would have been possible with a key fob alone.

How do I install FordPass app?

The Setup:

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Go into the Apple Store or Google Play on your iPhone or Android and download the FordPass app. Then, open the app and make an account with a username or password. Click “My Vehicles” on the menu screen and then click “Add Vehicle”.

How do I add a vehicle to my FordPass?

How do I add a vehicle to the FordPass™ App?
  1. Tap Home in the FordPass App.
  2. Select Add Vehicle.
  3. Locate your VIN. Note: Tap Where is my VIN? for VIN location details.
  4. Capture your VIN using one of the following methods: Type in your VIN manually. …
  5. Tap Next.
  6. Tap Get Started! to confirm.
  7. Press Save.

Is FordPass free forever?

There are no costs for using your FordPass Connect features i.e. Live Traffic, & Remote Features these are covered by your 2 Year Complimentary free trial. For eCall there will never be extra costs as this feature is free for the lifetime of the vehicle.

Do you need WIFI for FordPass?

Will FordPass work without wifi? (1) FordPass Connect is an optional feature. Includes complimentary 1-year subscription for remote features, excluding Wi-Fi hotspot, and starts with vehicle sale date. Subscription is subject to compatible 4G network availability.

How much does FordPass WIFI cost?

FordPass Connect with In-Car Wi-Fi from AT&T. Get unlimited data in your Ford starting at $20 per month.

What years does FordPass work on?

Vehicles equipped with FordPass Connect: FordPass Connect is an optional feature on select 2017 and newer model year vehicles and includes service for five years from the vehicle sale date as recorded by the dealer.

Where can I buy a Ford SmartLink?

Ford dealerships
FordPass SmartLink is available exclusively through Ford dealerships nationwide starting in mid-2018 and is the latest example of Ford’s aggressive connected vehicle plan.Mar 21, 2018

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How do I know if my Ford has remote access?

If you see a remote-start button shaped like a curved arrow, then you have remote start capabilities. If you don’t have remote start capabilities, you can easily add it to your vehicle with the Ford Technology Package. Once you’ve found the remote start button, you’re ready to start your vehicle remotely.

How do I activate my FordPass modem?

How to activate your FordPass Connect modem
  1. Before you connect to the modem, you’ll need to add your VIN to the FordPass app. …
  2. Once you’ve added your VIN, tap your car on the ‘Move’ landing page, then tap ‘Activate Vehicle’.
  3. You’ll see a prompt to ‘Connect’ via the SYNC screen in your car.

Can FordPass find my keys?

Well with the FordPass app, you can actually start your vehicle remotely. You can also lock and unlock your car from your phone, rather than having to dig around, trying to find your keys. Parking made easier: With the FordPass app, you can use your phone to locate your car.

Is FordPass remote start free?

FordPass, which Ford owners can use to control numerous vehicle functions from a phone, will now feature free connected services. Remote-starting the car, unlocking it and even scheduling maintenance are now part of a free service for cars that feature the FordPass Connect system.

Can Ford unlock my car remotely?

If you’re the owner of a new or used Ford vehicle with Ford SYNC® technology, then you have a lot of infotainment features available — including the ability to unlock your car remotely through your phone via Ford SYNC® Connect.

How do I get SmartLink?

How to create your first smartlink ?
  1. Step 1: Create your account. First step is to go on and create your account. …
  2. Step 2: Verify your account and sign in. …
  3. Step 3: Create your first Smart Link! …
  4. Step 4: Let the magic happen ! …
  5. Step 5: Add other stores and streaming platforms.

What is SDL app?

SmartDeviceLink (SDL) connects in-vehicle infotainment systems to smartphone apps. SDL allows automakers to provide highly integrated connected experiences and allows users to operate smartphone apps through the in-vehicle infotainment screen and, if equipped, voice recognition system.

How do I get a Smart Link?

You need at least a level 14 Street Cred in order to buy this from a Ripperdoc. Once you have Smart Link, simply equip it in the cyberware section of your V and you can immediately start using Smart weapons. Equip one and, in combat, you will see that the Smart Link will auto-target various enemies.

Is there a monthly fee for FordPass?

Ford has now announced the FordPass Connect service is now free. … The move makes Ford the first automaker to offers its remote features to drivers at no cost. The Blue Oval points out that GM’s OnStar costs as much as $14.99 per month after the free 3-month trial with a new car ends.

What is Ford gateway module?

In 2013, Ford and Lincoln began using a Smart Data Link Connector (aka “Gateway Module”) to manage this increase in vehicle Modules and Communication Networks. … Nu-Di and Ford Engineers developed the Gateway Module Breakout Box which allows for easy access to all communication networks on a vehicle!

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What is a FordPass connect modem?

FordPass Connect is a modem that is embedded within a Ford vehicle to connect that vehicle to the internet and provide the customer with new functionality such as Live Traffic information, and Wi-Fi Hotspot.

How do I set up remote start on my FordPass?

Written steps to using FordPass Remote Start features
  1. Make sure that you have the right supplies. …
  2. Login to the FordPass app. …
  3. Add your vehicle to the app. …
  4. Add any additional compatible Ford vehicles that you own. …
  5. Activate FordPass Connect for the first time. …
  6. Now you can get started using remote features from your app!

How do I connect my FordPass?

What is FordPass good for?

FordPass can access vehicle information and service needs. Plus, the FordPass can sync with your vehicle, allowing you to start, check fuel levels or even unlock your vehicle! So, if you need to view your vehicle’s account, pay a bill or even schedule a service appointment, you can do all of that with this app.

Does car have to be running to use WIFI?

In all honesty, it would be pretty pointless, but yes is the short answer. The only issue with this is that you would have to have the ignition turned and the car on for it to work. You would also have to be careful if you were leaving your car unattended with the ignition turned.

How much does Ford WIFI cost UK?

How much will the FordPass subscription cost following the free trial? After the initial 12-month free trial, a further subscription can be purchased at £3.99 per calendar month.

What is the Ford co Pilot360 assist?

On Mustang Mach-E’s standard Ford Co-Pilot360 Assist 2.0 package is an advancement in Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop and Go, which slows down a vehicle if the traffic ahead has stopped or slowed, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop before resuming as traffic begins to move.

How do I get Wi-Fi in my Ford truck?

Touch Settings. On the Settings menu, touch Settings, then touch Wireless & Internet. Touch WiFi Settings. Set Gateway Access Point Mode to On, then touch Gateway Access Point Settings.

Ford Plug-In Modem: Installation Overview | Ford Commercial Solutions | Ford

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