How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio? new for 2022

In Ohio, custom license plates are a popular way to express yourself and show your personality.

However, the process of getting custom license plates can be confusing, and the fees vary depending on which type of plate you choose.

How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio
How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio

How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio? In this post, we’ll tell you how much each type of plate costs, what the requirements are, and how to apply for your desired plate.


How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio?

How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio
How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio

A basic Ohio license plate costs $34.50. If you want a specialized license plate, you will have to pay extra for production and handling. Military license plates are the only kind of custom plate that does not incur additional charges.

Some more luxurious custom license plates can cost $50 more annually, in addition to the mandatory fees and renewals. Additionally, there are specialized license plates that require a donation to be made to the linked organization.

If you buy custom license plates online at or by mail, you’ll also have to pay for postage. Your personalized license plate might cost more than $84.50 in total.

Types of Custom License Plates in Ohio

Types of Custom License Plates in Ohio
Types of Custom License Plates in Ohio


Look good on the road and show off your school spirit with an Ohio State University license plate. There are over 20 plates to choose from that have been approved by the Ohio BMV.


Companies with 50 or more work vehicles on the road can apply to have company-specific license plates made.


At no additional cost, veterans and those who have served in the military can get a personalized plate. There are also unique license plates for medal recipients, ribbons, insignias, badges, and campaigns aside from the various branches of the military.


Although the plates are not authorized in all states, they may be produced as long as an organization receives at least 150 unique signatories requesting a specialized plate and bill passage through a state legislator. Organizational license plates such as those for the American Red Cross, Ohio 4-H, and volunteer fire departments have already been introduced.

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Professional Sports

No matter what your favorite Ohio team is, we have the license plate for you!

Personalized Plates

Do you have a specific character combination in mind for your license plates? You may choose 4 to 8 letters to create your own personalized plates.

Disability Plates

To acquire disability license plates, you must fulfill specific criteria. They are considered specialized, but they aren’t extra expensive. Although personalizing your license plates may cost a bit more, it is priceless to those who cherish their individuality.

How can I customize my license plate?

How can I customize my license plate
How can I customize my license plate

If you would like to order your own license plate, follow these simple steps:

1. Click the ‘Order online’ button.

2. Choose your vehicle type from the options provided.

3. Enter in the text you would like on your license plate to confirm its availability

4. Select ‘Proceed’.

5. Pick a plate style that you like .

6. Click ‘Add to order’ next to it .

7. When you’re ready, select ‘Checkout ‘.

8. Lastly, enter in the required information verify that you are indeed the owner of this vehicle

Can you get custom license plates in Ohio?

Can you get custom license plates in Ohio
Can you get custom license plates in Ohio

You can personalize your plate message and pick from a variety of special plates in Ohio. Between the two of them, you can craft a truly one-of-a-kind license plate that is appropriate for both you and your car.

How long does it take to get a custom plate in Ohio?

How long does it take to get a custom plate in Ohio
How long does it take to get a custom plate in Ohio

When you order personalized license plates, your application is mailed to the DMV for consideration and review. After you’ve submitted your paperwork, it will be analyzed and approved, at which point your plates will be manufactured and sent to you by mail. It generally takes six to eight weeks for your plaques to arrive after submitting an order.

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FAQs How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio

FAQs How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio
FAQs How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio

Does Ohio require a front license plate?

Cars in Ohio will no longer need to have a front license plate. Because it makes identifying oncoming vehicles harder, police are opposed to the decision. Ohio is the 19th state not to require front plates, following Connecticut and Maine.

Can you own a car without a license in Ohio?

Although it is legal to get both without a driver’s license, some dealerships/insurance companies can be tough to work with.

Why are personalized plates so expensive?

The fee to create a personalized license plate is higher than a standard one to cover the cost of production. The additional fees collected from firefighter license plates specifically go into memorial fund for fallen firefighters in California, which is sponsored by the California Professional Firefighters organization.

Can I transfer license plates from one car to another in Ohio?

In order to transfer your license plate, you will need the following:

-Your current registration or license plate number

-The title to the vehicle which you want to transfer the license too (a copy of the title application is sufficient if you have recently applied for it)

-A $10 fee for transferring as well as a $5 stand alone transaction fee

Are county stickers required on Ohio license plates?

Most types of license plates require a county sticker, which must indicate the driver’s county of residence rather than the county where the vehicle was registered.

Can you get tags without a license?

The process of license plate registration is simple: you need a valid driver’s license. Most dealerships will help with the registration so that customers can legally drive their new car off the lot.

Can I get new license plates online in Ohio?

If your Ohio registration needs to be replaced, you have the option of doing it in-person, online or through mail. Keep in mind that there is a fee for each license plate: $10.50

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Can you get a second temp tag in Ohio?

If your car’s temporary tag expires in Ohio, can you get a new one? Individual purchasers are NOT allowed to receive a second temporary tag from dealers. However, if they report that their original tag has been lost or damaged before it expires, then they may be given a replacement temporary tag.

How much are tax and title fees in Ohio?

The state of Ohio imposes a 5.75% sales tax on all vehicle purchases. However, county taxes can inflate this rate by up to 2%. In addition, some dealerships charge a $199 documentary service fee. Other miscellaneous fees car buyers in Ohio may face include registration, title, and plate fees.

How long can you drive on expired tags in Ohio?

In most cases, driving with expired tags or a revoked license is illegal in Ohio and does not come with a forgiveness period. In addition, licenses that have been inactive for more than 6 months are subject to reapplication and must take the test again. “It’s probably one of the most generous in the country.”


How Much Are Custom License Plates In Ohio? As you can read in above article of‘s team, there are many different types of custom license plates to choose. If you’re interested in purchasing a personalized plate for your vehicle, be sure to visit your local county clerk’s office and check out their offerings. Have fun picking out your new license plate!

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