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How Fast Are Groms?

Honda Grom
Manufacturer Honda
Engine 124.9 cc (7.62 cu in), air-cooled, four-stroke, single
Top speed 55–73 mph (89–117 km/h).
Transmission 4-speed manual 5-speed manual
Suspension 31 mm inverted fork; 3.9″ travel (front) Single shock with steel box-section swingarm; 4.1″ travel (rear)

How fast can a 2020 Grom go?

Top speed for the Honda Grom peaks at around 63 MPH depending on several factors like rider’s weight and how level/flat the road is. Braking duties on the Grom are handled by a 220mm single disc and dual piston caliper on the front wheel and a single piston caliper gripping down on a 190mm rotor in the rear.

How fast is the fastest Grom?

59 mph
Instead of a four-speed manual, the mini motorcycle comes with a five-speed manual. And as a result of all these changes, the Grom’s top speed is now 59 mph, up from 54 mph.Mar 3, 2021

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How fast can a 2022 Grom go?

about 60 mph
Nonetheless, due to its top speed of about 60 mph, the Grom is too small to take on the freeway, not that I’d be inclined to do so even if I could. A larger 1.6-gallon tank (up from 1.45) will help the fuel sipper go even farther between fill-ups – last year’s model got an EPA-tested 134 mpg.Aug 3, 2021

Can Groms go on the highway?

It’s not legal for the freeway / highway, even though some people do it in sprints. It wouldn’t hurt on a flat highway in the slow lane. But you might get in trouble/ get a ticket.

How fast is 125cc Grom?

Top Speed: 58 mph (Est.)

Can you make a Honda Grom faster?

Is a grom street legal?

Unless there is specific signage barring entry by “motor-driven cycles” (California term for a sub-150 cc motorcycle), it is perfectly legal for you to drive upon such roads with your Grom.

Which is better Grom vs Z125?

The Kawasaki Z125 is generally cheaper, more maneuverable, and sportier looking. The Honda Grom offers more used models, better braking, and naked styling. Fuel efficiency comes down to whose numbers you’re willing to take. We’re splitting hairs here, because these are both exceptional compact motorcycles.

Are Groms automatic?

Even entry-level bikes like the Honda Grom and Yamaha MT-03 require the rider to pull the clutch in and shift with their foot. … However, although manual bikes dominate the market, there are still some automatic motorcycles available.

How fast is a Honda Monkey?

Top Speed: 55 mph (Est.)

How fast is a Kawasaki z125?

Kawasaki Z125 PRO Specifications
Engine & Drivetrain:
Wheelbase: 46.3 in.
Curb Weight: 224.8 lbs.
Fuel Capacity: 2.0 gal.
Top Speed: 100 mph (est)

How fast is a Honda CBR300R?

CBR300R Acceleration
Honda CBR300R Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 29.608/96 mph
SS/Mile 43.46/97.3mph
Top Speed 97.85 mph

How far can a Grom go on a full tank?

With a full tank, you could always safely go 100 miles no matter how hard or fast you ride.

Do you need a motorcycle license for a Grom?

The regulations that govern scooters and mopeds vary depending on where you live. Scooters almost always require registration and a motorcycle license. … The Honda Grom, another popular sports bike, typically requires a motorcycle license to operate since all of the models have an engine that is over 50cc.

How far can a Grom go?

Both the Honda Grom and Kawasaki Z125 can last up to 120,000 miles and are likely to break down at a similar same time. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, the Kawasaki is the way to go. The Kawasaki Z125 costs $3,199 while the Grom is priced at $3,399.

Are Groms fuel injected?


How much weight can a grom hold?

I read the through the specifications in the new 2014 Grom thread and noticed there were no weight limits. Also, the post stated this little beast will do nearly 65mph (under ideal conditions im sure). My concern is that I am 260lbs 5’11”, not fat, not skinny. I have a gut feeling that this bike may not work out.

Can you wheelie a grom?

The Honda Grom is a fun little hooligan bike. Its small size makes it a great choice for stunts since it’s easier to handle than a full-on supersport. There are some drawbacks to its design as delivered from the factory, however, particularly when it comes to popping wheelies.

How much horsepower can you get out of a Honda Grom?

And this year, Honda debuted the bike’s first real mechanical refresh. The 2022 Grom has a new higher-compression 124cc engine, jumping from 9.3:1 to 10.0:1. It’s good for a dazzling 9.7 hp and 7.7 pound-feet of torque.

2022 Honda Grom Specifications.
MSRP: $3,399 (base)
Availability: Now
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Can you tune a grom?

Thank you for your inquiry on our PV3 for the Honda Grom. The PV3 is our flash tuning device and it puts one of our pre developed tunes to the ECU. It is a tuning device so if you wanted to get a custom tune from a Dyno tuning facility, you have that option as well.

How much do Groms cost?

2020 Honda Grom Price

The non-ABS Honda Grom has an MSRP of $3,399, while the ABS version has an MSRP of $3,599.

Is Kawasaki Z125 street legal?

Kawasaki’s Gromfighter, the Z125 Pro, is coming to the U.S. market after all. The air-cooled, 125 cc street-legal pit bike was announced for Asian markets last fall, in two versions: the Pro, with a four-speed transmission, and a regular Z125 with an automatic. Kawasaki has now confirmed we’re getting the Pro.

Can a Honda Grom carry 2 people?

Even more surprising is that the Grom is built to handle two adult passengers. The only problem is the lack of torque means you really have to give it some throttle to make it take off from a stop. Once it gets rolling, it will accelerate to speed with ease, even two-up.

How can I make my Kawasaki Z125 faster?

Only way you are going to go faster than 67 is to either raise the rev limiter or change sprockets. You probably wont actually pick up any extra speed until you bolt on some power.

How much does a Brutus V9 cost?

The Brutus V9 comes with an 18.8 kWh or 33.7 kWh battery option that gives it a range exceeding 130 miles. The motorcycle has a top speed of 115 mph. The Brutus V9 has a starting price of $32,490.

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How fast does 250cc go?

250cc dirt bike delivers powerful acceleration with high performance. Depending on the type of engine, a 250cc dirt bike comes at a maximum speed of between 55 to 70 mph (90-113 km/h).

How should a beginner ride a motorcycle?

Can Honda Monkeys go highway?

Top speed is around 60 miles-per-hour, so you’d be wise to avoid the interstates; but it has no problems keeping up with traffic on two lane byways and city streets.

Are Honda Groms safe?

You see, with its tiny dimensions and cutesy aesthetics, the Grom looks completely harmless, which means that you can get away with absolute murder on the daily commute.

What is top speed of Honda Super Cub?

Top speed & performance
Max torque 7.7 ft-lb
Top speed 65 mph
1/4 mile acceleration
Tank range 150 miles

How fast does a Kawasaki Z400 go?

With this drive-train, the Kawasaki Z400 is capable of reaching a maximum top speed of 147.0 km/h (91.3 mph) .

How fast is Bentlli TNT 135?

0- 1/4mile (s): 14.9
speed at 1/4mile: 140 km/h / 87 mph
0- 1km (s): 28.9

How fast does a CBR 600 go?

CBR600RR acceleration and top speed
2017 Honda CBR600RR Acceleration
Speed Time
SS/KM 20.18@152.5 mph
SS/Mile 28.79@158 mph
Top Speed 160.1 mph

How fast can a cbr500r go?

116 mph
Honda CBR500R Specifications
Engine & Drivetrain:
Curb Weight: 419 pounds (ABS model: 423 pounds)
Fuel Capacity: 4.5 gallons
Top Speed: 116 mph (est)

Honda Grom Top Speed Test !! (with 230 lb Rider)

How FAST Is A Modified Honda Grom?


Honda Grom Speed – Stock VS Modded

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